Finally Friday

The first step is admitting you have a problem.


Yes, this is my desk drawer at work. I am addicted to gum and my brain is being fried by aspartame. And I know it.

So anyways, today is Friday. I’m running 20 miles tomorrow with my sister and our other running buddy, Kate! I’m pretty excited, but marathon training definitely takes its toll on my already suffering social life. It’s worth it, though. I like going out on the weekends, but it’s not like I get much out of it other than a hangover and some achey feet (if I’m dancin in heels)!

Also this weekend, I will be renweing my CPR certification and doing some apartment hunting… oh, and shopping for a dress to wear to the SARPA fashion show on Feb 5th.

I feel like maybe I should hold off on the aparment hunting, though, because I have noooo idea when I’ll need it by. I currently live in a house that is owned by my parents, who are planning on moving into it soon. How soon? I dunno, March? April? I dread moving out of my enormous closet.

Perhaps I should prioritize downsizing my wardrobe over going apartment hunting.

You’re welcome, goodwill.


One thought on “Finally Friday

  1. Nate July 19, 2011 / 2:28 pm

    MMMMMmmmmmm…… Stride.

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