Closets and Condos

I am using the fact that my trashcan lid barely closed as an excuse to stop sorting through all my old stuff. I am starting to really feel the pressure of having to find a new place in a hurry, and I have a LOT of downsizing to do, because my current closet is “sex in the city-fabulous”.


My next closet, however, will be a lot more like ….celibacy in the country-drabulous.

I threw away all of my old tests from college and all of my New Design School notebooks. There’s no point in hanging onto that stuff. That’s what google is good for.

So Saturday’s 20-miler was nice. It eventually got all the way up to 73 yesterday, which it nuts. It’s January. I spent the whole afternoon taking a 4-hour CPR certification workshop, so it was good that I was able to run around outside first and satisfy my stir crazy self.

Today is unseasonably warm too. Going to teach my 2:00 pump class, take yoga, do a little grocery shopping, and go tanning. Finishing off the night with soome spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs and some Kale chips.

Ok, so I didn’t get around to everything. But I *did* go with Zach to look at a fantabulous condo off Dickson.

2br 2ba
So cute!


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