Snow Days

Being snowed in is kindof awesome. But a little bit boring. The roads he been looking like this since Tuesday:

ice roads

Yow. Luckily Zach came and rescued me and we explored the city of Fayetteville at it’s deadest. The mall was open, but most of the stores were closed. He bought some flip flops and boardshorts at The Buckle. Who wouldn’t shop for beach gear on a snow day, right?

Then we got PIZZA. Yes, the big, grease cheesy stuffed crust kind that I have been craving for like a month and a half.

fatgirl pizza

I still feel guilty about it. Then we went sledding with Sharon and Lane but it was so ridiculousy cold that that only lasted about 20 minutes. Her fiance Lane was my favorite. He even got to borrow someone’s super fast sled to go down the hill… “one more time….. ok ONE more time!” lol

Since then, I haven’t done much besides clean out my closet and go sell some stuff to Plato’s Closet and Daisy Exchange. They bought my used bridesmaids shoes, which made my day. I also cleaned out the pantry.

bored face
BORED. For now.

And about where I’m gonna live– The Dickson condo isn’t going to work out because they don’t allow pets and zach has two kitties and I simply can’t afford to live there by myself. So I went and looked at Vantage Center an put a partial deposit on a two-bedroom because it was the same price as a one bedroom with way less space at Chester Hill in Springdale. And I have a lot of stuff and would really appreciate the extra space. The only problem: I don’t know exactly when I’m gonna need it (thanks to my parents real estate lady?), so I gotta just plan on taking whatever they have whenever I need it.


  • Left/Right Listening Party with Dan the Automator: 2/4
  • SARPA Fashion Show: 2/5
  • Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights is rescheduled to who knows when (yay!)

Looks like I gots some nightlife in my future! Woohoo things to blog about 😉

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