Never Drinking Again

What a weekend!

This is Emily Wells with Dan the Automater in the background. Got to meet both of them! VERY cool. Hurray for Phillip for hooking me and zach up with a very VIP evening on Friday night.

I would have fixed the red eye, but I’m too lazy. Me, Dan the Automater, and BFF Zach. Super fantabulous. This was right after the Left/Right screening, which BTW was awwwwesome!

-enD FrIdAy-
<begin saturday>

Saturday morning sharon, kate and I were all supposed to run 12 miles. Weather had other plans, so I picked up Sharon and we went to the gym. After 6 miles of treadmill torture, we decided to switch to the elliptical instead. 30 minutes later we switched again to the spin room. I hooked up my iphone over the sound system. 30 minutes of that and then we called it a day and went for breakfast.

**later that night**

SARPA fashion show!!!
Zach and I met up with Lizzie and we went to te fashion show. Lizzie got pretty smashed really fast and I was super jealous so we started doing shots so I could catch up. It was the worst idea I’ve ever had.

Special pomegranate martini from the afterparty at LIT. I wayyy overdid it. Lemme see if I can recount everything I had…

  • 3 glasses of red wine at SARPA.
  • two shots of who knows what at JR’s.
  • A beer from… uh… oH. from Smoke & Barrel.
  • A pom. martini from LIT.
  • At least two or three more beers at Brewskis.


Anyways I’m pretty sure that was enough alcohol to make the average person pray to the porcelain gods, but I somehow managed to crawl into a taxi cab with Zach. We played cash cab all the way home, and the only question we got right was that a tiger has stripey skin under his stripey fur.
I was a hot mess.

At least my shoes were fabulous.

We went to retrieve his car the next morning and I got a spinach breakfast wrap and Common Grounds. Lately I have been obsessed with posting all of my meals out to an app on my phone called Foodspotting. This was one of the worst hangovers I have ever had… I had to teach pump at the gym at 2. Miraculously, afterwards I felt really great. I even finally went tanning and grocery shopping.

Last night I sat at home alone and watched the superbowl. And today I am at work for the first time since last Monday. Not sure what to work on, hence the blogging…


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