Snow Days


I got my cute pullover in the mail on Tuesday night!

Here’s a better photo of it. I love love love it! So cute!  And I’m really glad I got it when I did because this happened the next night:

We seriously got like 13-16″ of snow. Epic. I have never seen anything like this ever in my whole life. Woohoo Arkansas.

That was the storm responsible for this:

And now it’s time to talk about last night. Lizzie texted Zach and I and told us she and Nicole were going to Brewskis, so volunteered to be the DD since I recently kindof swore off drinking. I ended up having two beers, one of which had an upside down label!!!

After that, zach and I went and split a sammich and Jimmy Johns– and I don’t know if there was a full moon, or just a bunch of people that had cabin fever for a little too long… but SHEESH.

Click to Enlarge

(my sister sent me this! lol)

But anyways. I’m not naming names but people got really drunk and crazy, and the full moon isn’t until the 18th. So, yeah.


One thought on “Snow Days

  1. Nate July 19, 2011 / 2:38 pm

    Reading these posts is like sifting through a time capsule.

    (totally remember that going down earlier this year—and I wish it was that cold right now!)

    Definitely a glorious pullover! 🙂

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