What’s a blog entry without another picture of alcohol?

(The world’s best bloody mary at common grounds.)

Friday and Saturday nights were both oodles of fun!

On Friday night, I didn’t get too crazy because I was driving, but I had a good time. Went to bed about 3:30 AM.

The above photo is me on 3 hours of sleep. In last night’s makeup. Getting ready to run 12 miles. I felt like death. After a power nap I hit the party scene all over again. It was epic though. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me… I start drinking and it’s so cool to have my guard down that I just get all carried away and end up being ridiculous. Dancing for like 4 hours. With EVERYONE. After drinking way too much sake, we got to go to the VIP upstairs section at Stir. The next day I taught my class and my sweat smelled like vegas bombs and beer. So gross.

Oh! I finally got the dress I ordered off of hautelook:

It’s a lot darker in person than it looked on the website.

Planning on wearing it to sister’s rehearsal dinner ❤


It was a wee bit tight, which is fine because it will hopefully give me that extra motivation I need to get in shape before her wedding. 4 months away. Eeek.

2 thoughts on “Dress

  1. Nate July 20, 2011 / 5:16 am

    1) Common Grounds most definitely has the world’s best bloody mary.

    2) The sweet, sweet smell of Vegas bombs and beer in liquid sweat form is just one of life’s little joys. 😛

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