Wallets and Marathons

Ran the Little Rock Marathon on Sunday. 4:07:48, pretty much the exact time I got when I ran the hogeye marathon last year. Not so much for improvement, but I guess at least I didn’t do a whole lot worse…

I have still been taking pictures of food a lot lately (thankyou foodspotting app for feeding my strange pitcture habits). I am posting this picture of sea bass from James at the Mill because it was ahhhmazing:

Sea Bass


So this wallet right here has been the source of some really odd drama lately:

The night of the marathon expo, all was going well until we all got in the car and I suddenly realised my wallet (brand new) was not in my purse anymore. I fffffreaked out. Kate ran back in to go look for it and didn’t have any luck. I was determined not to lease the convention center without my wallet–or at least some conclusive evidence that it had been stolen. I ran back in and found the “lost and found” where some guy with a walkie talkie seemed to be waiting for me. He directed me to a strange corridor and said that there was an office at the end of the hallway for me to go into. I was almost in tears and I was all by myself in a weird place. The eneormous black security guard was waiting on me with– lo and behold– my wallet!!!! And everything was untouched inside of it!

I signed some kind of paper slip and then he grabbed me and hugged me. At first I felt really consoled because it had been such a stressful ordeal. But then he wouldn’t let go. Some security guard. Finally on my third attempt to release, he pulled away and then kissed me right on the lips. URGH! wtf!? I ran out the door. Like it was normal he went, “Do you know your way out??” because I had ran in the wrong direction “I got it!” I called back and U-turned and jetted out of there as fast as possible.

He was fired yesterday. I feel kinda bad, but he made me VERY uncomfortable. Also, he had only been working there for less than a year and he had been married for 30 years. So bizzare. The next day I ran a marathon and drove home.


Here is my lunch from Jason’s Deli yesterday. Yummmmm… unfortunately I looked it up on livestrong and it was 995 calories. And don’t think I didn’t have ice cream for dessert.

turkey wrap with fruit, yogurt dip, and broccoli cheese soup ❤

It’s funny how I have pictures of things and food, but zero pics from the marathon. Hmmmm….I’m planning on starting a diet soon. It was supposed to start a few days ago, but I am still recovering from the marathon so I have been eating like a horse. Sharon’s wedding is June 11th. I need to hurry up and get rid of my fat before then. I’d be great with losing 1 lb per week until then… a LOT is going to happen before then. I found out today that I will be moving out of the house on April 15th. I should go and get my apartment soon… I can’t exactly afford it right at this moment, so I might try to wait till the 15th of this month.

Group Kick training is this weekend.

+cario = -weight ?

3 thoughts on “Wallets and Marathons

  1. Kate Sutterfield March 9, 2011 / 10:53 pm

    Don’t be sorry that guy got fired! he deserved it!!!! You ROCKED at the Marathon!!! 🙂

  2. zlmoore March 10, 2011 / 2:42 pm

    You got kissed by a black obese security guard. YOU need to write a book. ell oh effing ell.

  3. Trip May 11, 2011 / 3:45 am

    That story was so full of win.

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