Don’t bring me dowwwwwn, Bruce!

A fantastic picture of my favorite chiropractoring buddy.

Er, favorite buddy in general, actually.

…And the martini he bought me that night. I accused him of being an enabler 🙂

OK. So this weekend was Group Kick training. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as much fun as the Body Pump training I went through for Les Mills, but it was still pretty cool. A little more laid back, which is good. I spend three days doing hardcore cardio with four super strong fantastic women. Light, tight, and ready to fight! We already made plans to meet this weekend to practice teaching a whole class together. Super awesome 🙂

One thing I am just a little bit puzzled about and might have to email Lenore about: what the heck am I supposed to wear? I was kinda pumped about buying some lime green workout clothes but then World Gym has their own private branding for the class that looks like this:

Yellow? I don’t really mind the name change all that much, because the word “group” is kindof implied anyways. Power sorta makes me think that we might have to start doing dumbell work while we kick the air, though! Hah. But I am not very excited about wearing yellow. I think I’ll wear green for my video and then worry about getting yellow stuff later…

I wonder it we’re having a program launch party…



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