I love halestorm. I’ve been waiting for something new from them for like 2 years now! They are FOREVER on the road touring…

Anywho. The next week is gonna be craaaaazy tastic! A week from today is my “move-in day” for my new apartment. I won’t be moving in 100% on that day, or even that weekend, probably. That day is also gonna be the first day of my new Group Kick class (which will be every MWF at 6:15 thankyouverymuch). So between practicing, packing, and working..I’m gonna be rather swamped.

In celebration of my new class I ordered some pricey b’dass looking crops from lululemon last night :

I’m supposed to sport the “authentic” martial artist look. Even got some wrist wraps (handwraps?) from training weekend. I also am pretty sure it took me longer to figure out how to wrap my hands than it did for me to learn a track from the Jan 2011 release.

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