Favorite Things: Beauty Products

I decided that I wanna post more reviews on here of things that I super-love [starting with beauty products]! There are lots of them… But I feel like I have secrets that I should finally share with the world. My first, most prized secret is this:

This magic stuff has turned my skin from unpredictably blotchy into the smooth buttery complexion that a 24 year old SHOULD have! Zits are for teenagers. I was recommended this my a dermatologist after I went in complaining about irritated dry itchy skin on my legs. Then I decided to use this stuff on my face too (because it seemed like a good idea because it’s so gentle and free of fragrances and all of that) and IT CHANGED MY LIFE! So don’t say I didn’t share my deepest darkest beauty secret with you. lol

Next, from one of my favorite brands, LUSH, comes super fantabulous hair conditioner:

“The Jungle”

This stuff sortof smells a little bit to me like a certain green herb that is pretty popular among hippies and partiers. Only it smells a lot more flowery. So basically an herbal/floral smell. It’s kinda tricky to use. It comes in a bar and you have to saw some off. Here is my method: I fill up the cap of my shaving cream with hot water and plop in the chunk of “jungle”. After a few minutes, it’s pretty soft. Smash it around in your hands and it slides into the hair just like regular conditioner.

My only complaint is that it tends to leave residue in the shower after you rinse it out. Or in your hair if you don’t rinse it enough 😉


Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Conditioner

I recently bought this because I run through conditoner twice as fast as shampoo. I have looooooong curly hair that requires a lot of moisture. And I’m pretty sure this stuff works. My hair is almost all the way to my belt line in the back. Plus it smells really sweet and clean. I was surprised when I squeezd it into my hand for the first time only to see that it is PURPLE.


If you don’t already have one, you have to get the Venus Embrace razor. Just make sure and change it often, because I think my overuse of the razor contributed pretty greatly to the dry skin issues I had during the winter.

Pair it with Aveeno Positively Smooth Moisturising Shave gel, and you’ve got a recipe for smooth legs all day long! This stuff is supposed to slow down regrowth, and I think it does it just enough so that I don’t have stubbly legs at the end of the day. Which is great for the days that I shower in the morning instead of at night (beause of my early AM pump class–I’m not a big fan of teaching classes with leg stubble). Oh and this stuff has a light scent that smells FANTASTIC!


On to the makeup:

I don’t like paying a lot for makeup, but this stuff is worth it! it looks so natural (back before I discovered cetaphil, this was my most prized beauty posession!)

This is actually a shimmery blush from bare minerals. It came in some kind of kit that I got form sephora. I love the light shimmer! It makes me look dewey and fresh. Super pretty! One of the few make-up articles I own that I care to praise.

Covergirl tests on animals, so I hate to praise their products. But this mascara is 100000x better than anthing else I’ve ever tried. And I feel like I am definitely somoene with sub-par eyelashes, so mascara is definitely something I always looking for greatness in. This stuff wins. The brush is really good about not clumping, and it makes my eyelashes look wayyy more va-va-voom than they really are.

In the future I will be posting reviews about clothes/shoes/hair/jewelry etc. They will just pop up randomly whenever I am in the mood to gush 🙂

This is all for now! I have a lot of things coming up:

  • Moving to my new apt box this weekend
  • MonaVie party tonight at Shelly’s
  • teaching my first kick class on Friday

Which reminds me! I got my studio crops from lululemon and they are huuuuuge in the waistband. But I really want them for my first class, so I’m just gonna fold them over and hope they dont fall down. Next time I’m getting my normal size! I’m sure these will still get plenty of use…

Love and Venom.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Beauty Products

  1. Kate S. March 31, 2011 / 12:34 am

    I have that mascara…OMG they test on animals???????

  2. Nate July 20, 2011 / 5:46 am

    Sweet, I have always wanted to be beautiful and now I can be!

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