Memphis in Mud

OMG I am insanely hyper right now. I have been sipping on a 5-hour energy, but I don’t think that’s what the deal is…

So it’s time to blog about my insane weekend in Memphis. We arrived late because we didn’t leave Fayetteville till 6 and there was a semi that was on the side of the road BURNT TO A CRISP. Which made internstate travel pretty slow for a few miles. When we finally got to our hotel, they refused to accept our reservation because it was from travelocity and all over reservations made through that site were denied that night… fantastic. So next we tried “America’s Best Value”. And what a value it was:


This is where Nicole wanted to sleep.


This bed had a mirror on top. So…. aside from the guys running the hotel discussing jacking cars… the place was in a verrrry sketchy area of town and we were all way too scared to spend the night there. I found a frozen Fanta in the fridge.

We sat in there and called every hotel in Memphis at 1:00 AM till finally we found a Homewood Suites in Germantown (20 miles away-ish) that had a room left. We snagged it.

The next day I got pulled over by the cops. We had a car full of all kinds of things. Open containers… illegal substances… weapons… immigrants… idk. But I was about to freak out when I saw the blue lights come on. He pulled up beside me and rolled down his window and said, “My bad. I forgot my blinker was on.”

He had been across from me at a red light and we both had our left blinkers on, so I went when it turned green and he did, too…. only he almsot hit me and then she chased me down with his angry siren lights. LOL, just another epic moment for the weekend.


My favorite moment was when Zach flipped out because he thought he lost his phone. It was in his hand… Really that is a signature move of mine, but I let him borrow it 😉


I still captured the “holy crap I suck” expression 🙂

20110503-030633.jpgHinder!!! ❤


In contrast to the look on my face, I actually hadn’t even drank anything at this point… That shirt was boob-tastic.


We still managed to make it to Beale street, but it was a loonnnnng walk. And we were pretty spent by the time we got there.


Our cab driver was SOOOOo stupid. He didn’t know where ANYTHING in Memphis was!!! And he was trying to pick up more people while we were in there. And he had to use the map on Nicole’s phone to find the street that we wanted him to take us to. Holy gracamole.

The next day we forefeited our Sunday tickets, and after a galavant to a really cruddy mall, we left Memphis early. Which was good because we avoided some pounding storms with tornadic activity.

Went barefoot running last Thursday with Zach. Calves a little achey, but I’m definitely ready to try a little bit longer of a run this time. I kinda wanna buy a garmin, but I’m waiting for them to invent a cute-looking one that ‘s not so ENORMOUS.

Also, I am planning on taking the diet to something a lot more primal/innate/natural whathaveyou. I’ll be blogging about that in the near future. I feel pretty motivated after a long weekend of fried things and chips…

Off topic–not that I have one– but I totally tattled on my neighbor today for trashing the sidewalk with cigarette butts. I hope he gets evicted because I hate having a smoker living below me. It’s even worse than all the noisy kids.


2 thoughts on “Memphis in Mud

  1. Kate May 4, 2011 / 1:16 pm

    This weekend sounds EPIC 🙂

  2. Trip May 11, 2011 / 3:32 am

    I Lol at you waiting for a cute garmin!

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