It’s a nice day for a white (and blue) wedding!

Funny how sometimes things just kinda line up…


So this weekend was my sister’s wedding.


I can’t wait to post a billion pictures, but I’ll start with these:

The rehearsal dinner was unforgettable. Great speeches, awkward speeches, and of course the lovely slideshow.

Every second of the next day was unforgettable.


The food in the bridal studio was excessively massive! But fun to munch on while we got pampered.


I dedided to show up with super frizzy hair. I was nervous about that, but thank goodness he fixed it! & I had my makeup done but this super cute pregnant woman. It was all Bare Minerals–which I loved! But I didnt rebuy it because unscrewing the lids messing with all the brushes was really time consuming and not ideal for my crazy schedule. I don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes putting on makeup, no matter where i’m going. I LOVED how she did my eyes though!


I went to walmart the next day and bought some new eyeshadows to try and replicate it. I’m still working on that…


Having a pouf on my head was kinda fun. But I felt a little snooki-tastic.

My expression cracks me up a little bit. It was an emotional day for sure, but I’m clutching my heart like I just can’t even take it!

The newlyweds’ first dance!

Lane serenaded Sharon with “the way you look tonight”. It was the sweetest thing in the universe and I cried all over again. Thank goodness I had on about 8 layers of makeup to worth with 🙂

The DJ did an amazing job of keeping the party going! I am definitely going to make sure that there is line dancing at my wedding, too!


I had to leave brunch a little early the next day to make it back to Fayetteville for my 2:00pm pump class. I’m not sure why I decided to take this picture… OH! Notice my necklace: it’s a tiffany necklace with two little hearts that Sharon gave me and all her bridesmaids as a gift. She also gave us the blue sandals and blue earrings that we wore during the wedding/reception. She definitely spoiled her bridesmaids 🙂

I’ll have to get married one day so that I can return the favor… if for no other reason!

One thought on “It’s a nice day for a white (and blue) wedding!

  1. Kate June 14, 2011 / 4:50 pm

    You were gorgeous 🙂 I’ll have pictures ready to see soon! 🙂

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