Yesterday before spin class I did sprints with my newly married sister.


I wore my Vibram Five Finger Bikila shoes that I got last year.

They were actually great for sprinting! I haven’t run in them much since last summer. I ran up to about 4 miles or so in them, but in November I switched back to my normal shoes for marathon training because I just wasn’t able to log the miles in them that I needed.

I have currently been doing all of my running in these babies:

New Balance Minimus Trail

I was actually able to build back up to five miles pretty quickly in them. Yeah, my calves were pretty sore, but they are a fantastic transitioning shoe! I really like them because unlike the bikila shoes, you don’t really have to watch your step so much. They are a trail shoe, and so they’re designed a little tougher. The sole is actually made by Vibram, so I feel like they are just as well engineered.

I also love wearing them for weight lifting (teaching pump). I’d spin in them too, but they don’t really fit into the pedal cages because they’re so… uh.. minimal. lol. And using them for kickboxing hasn’t really been something I’ve put a lot of effort into. My kick class has lots of jumping around in it, and I wore them to practice in once and it totally killed me! So I’m looking for maybe an even MORE supportive minialist shoe for that.

One that I have my eye on is the one that is coming out in a few months from Brooks:

I *think* this is it:

I also have a pretty big crush on these shoes:

New Balance (who I am loving lately) designed this minimalist shoe for cross-training. Plus-the color in this photo is sheer adorability.

So “why?” you ask. “Why in the world do you want minimalism? All this technology and you’re going way out of your way for a shoe that doesn’t feel like a cloud??”

“Well” I says, “You’re on the internet right now. Do your own research. I’m sick of battling plantar fasciitis and ilitiobial band syndrome.”

“…plus I want some sexy calves.”

One thought on “minimalist

  1. Nate July 20, 2011 / 5:40 am

    Yay for minimalist shoes! I love my Bikilas! Thanks for all your help with my shoes and running advice!

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