OMG. Shoes.


I  finally took a picture of a quche before I devoured the whole thing 🙂 Thought I’d share. I ended up buying the frozen crust because (DUH) it comes with the pie pan and I don’t have a pie pan right now because I forgot it when I moved. Oopsiedoodle. (Any time i text the word “oops” my phone auto-corrects it to “oopseiedoodle” because I use that word way more often. Obviously.

Another rainbow:


It’s kinda hard to see. It starts right by the light post in the trees… Anywho, I noticed it because some guy on the side of the road was walking backwards taking a picture of the sky so I looked over to see what it was and BAM. Normally I would have missed this, but I got lucky. I’m always hurrying to work.

When I got home that day, I found this gem waiting in my parking lot:


The giraffe has braces on it’s teeth. That’s a rolling billboard if I’ve ever seen one.

OK now for the shoes:


I like to buy things that I can’t really afford because it makes me smile. I found these shoes at some random store in the mall that I absolutely did NOT expect to see them in: Tradehome. The guy working there told me they were beter than the new balance mininus that I’m running in now (which they also sold!). Crazy, I know.

I ran my first 5 miler in them yesterday morning and they actually felt pretty great, but my calves are pretty sore. It’s a never ending battle. I feel like these are less “stable” than the New Balance Minimus. It seems more like I’m running on a balance beam instead of… uh… a flipper?  Overall, I like them. I’m planning on doing my 12-miler in them on Saturday.

More shoes:


Wearing these to work today. Grrrowl.

Also, I thought the sky looked pretty cool this morning:


OMG speaking of flippers. That’s what fake kid pagent teeth are called. So last night after the gym I decided that I needed to watch TV (because I’m procrastinating learning the new Group Power that i’ll be teaching in two days). There was nothing on, so I turned to TLC. I really like some of the shows on there like What Not to Wear and stuff. Last night: Toddlers in Tiaras. It’s basically a bunch of overweight women parading their bratty daughters around. They go big. 4 year olds with fake hair/teeth/spray tans/etc.

This show is absurd. And most unfortunately it’s reality. Gross. Just let your kids be kids.

It just doesn’t seem right… *shudder*


One thought on “OMG. Shoes.

  1. Nate August 25, 2011 / 4:48 pm

    Wow, that last picture is so weird on so many levels.

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