Beachy curls!

Super short entry but I had to share this with the world ASAP because good hair days are way more important than lengthy blog entries 😉

This is to make an alternative to Bumble & Bumble’s surf spray. Which is $23. This huge container of epsom salt was $4. And so was the hair gel.


You need:

  • empty spray bottle (I’m using my old surf spray bottle)
  • 2 tbsp epsom salt
  • a few pumps of hair gel (i used 5 because I get really product happy) *water-based: first ingredient is water!
  • water. I dunno, 3-5 oz.
Add together, shake, spray. And I feel like the salt settles, so shake before each use.
20110920-015707.jpgFlawlessly fabulous curls!!!

I feel the need to explain why I decided to do this: (lol) So summer is coming to an end and so are some of my best hair days. This is gross–but my hair looks best after it air dries from a long day of wakeboarding. It’s my hair’s version of “beach hair” and I think it’s because the lake water has enough junk in it to give my hair that texture that creates soft frizz-free slighty fishy scented curls-haha!

Bumble & Bumble has made the closest contender to lake water, but it costs and arm and a leg… so I did a little research and made my own. Just make sure you use epsom salt beacause sea salt and table salt will dry out your hair.
Good luck!!!

One thought on “Beachy curls!

  1. Nate September 20, 2011 / 9:16 pm

    Nice! You should be a professional chemist.

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