Missoni Madness

Gooood morning.20110925-062701.jpg

I went to Target recently, assuming all of the Missoni stuff was gone. BUT I nabbed this super adorable bedding:


For those of you who have been under a rock for the last few weeks, Missoni is an italian designer who has been creating designes with signature zig zag stripes since the 50’s who recently designed an affordable line for Target that flew off the shelves bigger than Black Friday. I also scored a pair of flats a half size too big and a headscarf. I tried to squeeze into the XS sweaters that were leftover,  but they pretty much cut the circulation off to my arms. My sister got to pick from several that were left. I’m jealous of her teeny tinyness.

Here’s how ridiculously long my hair is:


LOL my face is funny.

It’s not that long because I worked really hard to grow it out or anything. It’s long because I don’t have a hairdresser at the moment. The last one I found moved to Bentonville. The one before that made my bangs look horrible, and the one before that doesn’t cut hair anymore.

Apparently it’s spider season. I can snake all day long, but when it comes to creepy crawlies I can’t handle spiders. Or centipedes, for that matter.


This beauty was chilling at the apartment below mine. It’s vacant right now. I would have reported this to the apartment management, but I was in a mad hurry to jet to the gym to teach a class that I volunteered to sub at the last minute.

Also, my mom told me that it is currently “tarantula mating season”. I spotted one outside of my apartment, but it wasn’t behind a screen so I chickened out of giving it a photoshoot.

The next day I ran my 14 mile training run and then went hiking with the girls!



A tree fell on the”invisible non-existent” bridge. Eva and Tabitha has argued about the existence of this bridge. Neither Eva nor I had noticed this bridge before, haha!

Time to talk about FOOOOOD.


I remade my curried chicken salad, and this time I bit the bullet and added celery!

  • poached chicken
  • celery
  • halved grapes
  • light canola oil mayo
  • walnuts
  • red onion
  • lemon juice
I also was inspired by ILove FetaCheese, so I made a caprese salad to go with it!



Man I cant get enough fresh mozzarella! YUMMMM!

Okay I wanna take a little bit of time to talk about marathon training and supplements and health and junk.

So for the most part, I have a pretty rigorous excercise schedule. I only run twice a week, but I also teach kick twice a week, pump 3 times a week (except this week, I taught it SIX times because I kept subbing for people, ha!) I teach spin TWICE a week starting next month, and I also try to get a little mountain bike time in when I can because the adventure race is less than a month away! Eeesh.

So my chiropractor recommended a few supplements after I told him about my blood sugar woes and common fatigue.

This one is B-complex. I’ve actually been taking it for a while. It doesnt turn my pee weird colors and I’m pretty sure it’s helping be stay stronger during my runs. Especially when coupled with more sleep time.

Cardio Plus. This is just another one to help reinforce the B-complex. Energy in a bottle?! I think so.

Last, but not least:

Cataplex E2! So apparently (before it was illegal) athletes used to do this thing called “blood doping” where they boost the number of red blood cells in their blood before a big competition. Red blood cells carry oxygen to muscles. Boosting them would also boost your V02 Max. This little gem just helps your body boost it’s own red blood cell count naturally. No blood transfusions necessary 😉

I used it before a 14-miler in the rain. I pretty much felt unstoppable. It costs around $45 and can be ordered through a healthcare professional (homeopathic) or on amazon.com. I’ll stop advertising for free now! Ha!

Off to watch a movie on TV and get some sleep!


2 thoughts on “Missoni Madness

  1. Nate September 26, 2011 / 2:31 am

    Your long hair = gorgeous.

    Spiders = One of my worst fears.

    • fabulousinfayetteville September 26, 2011 / 1:38 pm

      Thanks! & Yeah i’m pretty sure that a creepy crawly injecting me with venom might be the absolute worst way to die!

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