I’m totally a hippie.

Candlebox was EPIC.

It was kinda weird because I went by myself… I’d rather go alone than not go at all. And Kate let me borrow her ability to get in for FREE! When candlebox was aboout to come on stage, I bought myself a couple of beers and went right up to the pit. Why not? It’s not like i’m gonna get separeted from anyone, ha! A cute guy even stood by me and small talked about beer foam. He was also there alone, so he ended up being my concert buddy for the night. At the end pf the show I noticed that the drummer was about to toss his stick in our direction so I elbowed him and went “OMG he’s gonna throw it to us!” And then I freaking caught it!

I have a pretty serious collection of concert paraphernalia. This is only my third drum stick, though 🙂 I have one from a Christian band called Destination Known… I think that’s what they were called. One from Halestorm. I also have a sweat towel from Saving Abel, but the weirdest thing I’ve ever caught was a jock strap from Halestorm and Adelitas Way. I made them all sign it.


I realized recently that there are several things that make me a modern day hippie.


  • don’t wear deodorant. I use that crystal thingie.
  • don’t eat a lot of meat.
  • drink kombucha.
  • use rice milk.
  • buy organic whenever possible.
  • run in minimal shoes.
  • use homemade and eco friendly cleaning prodcuts.
  • love concerts.
  • and camping/hiking/being stinky in the woods.
  • love me some Grace Potter & JTNL.

It was Lindsy’s 24th birthday this weekened so we all went to La Huerta.


Then of course this weekend was Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Fondly known was BBBBQ. Most of the locals hate it because of the traffic and all of that, but I quite enjoy it. People-watching. Beer. Funnel Cake. Concerts.

This year for the first time I got to ride on a bike! Morgan and I spontaneously jumped on bikes with some random dudes at a bar that we were in. I had never rode on one before, so I felt kindof badass. The guy driving the one I was on was a tard though. He was very directionally challenged and kept pulling out in front of people and I was kinda wondering if I was going to die.


Here’s my teeny bopper style picture that I took before I left my house that night. Bahaha! It was the only way I could take it without my messy apartment in the background. Plus everyone’s much more photogenic from an upward angle.


Here’s the pullover I thought I was going to wear biking. But It ended up being 75 degrees, so I had to shed it. After an easy 12 mile cruise, I ended up going wakeboarding. Possibly the last hurrah of the season… but we’ll see. The water was pretty cool, but not a deal breaker. I might squeeze out another trip if the weather is nice next weekend.


Speaking of next weekend, the opportinity has arisen for me to attend the Arkansas vs Auburn game! I’m pretty stoked about it!  I also might have a rock-climbing opportunity coming up.

I stinking looooove sushi. Thanks, Meiji!

Before I shut up and go away I wanna talk a teensy bit about how marathon training is going:

This past weekend was my first 16-miler. It is the farthest I’ve run in my Merrell barefoot shoes. I felt pretty fantastic even thought I forgot to pop my vitamins first. I averaged an 8:51 pace. I am determined to keep training at under a 9:00 pace per mile because I know that on race day I will have to run below a 9:09/mi pace. For 26.2 miles. I probably should have adjusted my training plan… I feel like the plan I’m using now is giving me a “just finish” goal. Not a “finish under 4 hours” goal. Yikes. At least I don’t have any IT band injuries this year *knock on wood*. I am a bit worried about my calves. They usually have a lot to say to me while I’m pushing through the last few miles of the long runs. I think I’ll have a hard time accepting failure if I don’t hit my time goal this year. I’m really putting a lot of pressure on myself. I’m kinda worried that I’m sucking all the fun out of running… Even if I don’t hit under 4, all I have to do to get a PR is run under a 4:07. I think that is definitely doable. If anything else, I can at least take pride in the fact that I will be running 26.2 in a completely different kind of shoe. I’ll be the elite of the elite with my minimal awesomeness. I feel like I should write a book about the positive results I’ve had from running in minimal shoes. This is the first time I’ve ever trained for a marathon without simiultaneously dealing with IT band syndrome. I look forward to being injury-free on race day and running without a stupid strap on my leg.

Lake Fayeteville. I love stumbling upon nature’s little gifts while doing long runs.

One thought on “I’m totally a hippie.

  1. Nate October 3, 2011 / 3:51 pm

    hippies = awesome, since I think I am one as well.

    Glad to hear your training is going so well. 🙂 Slight knee injury for me this last weekend, but nothing I can’t overcome.

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