Full Tilt

Let’s begin with some “food porn” shall we?


Lefovers from sister’s birthday dinner. Those are turkey tenderloins wrapped in turkey bacon. Turkeylicious… because everyone else ate steak and I don’t eat that. I probably should because it’s more “primal” but I’m weird. So that’s that.


I made a quiche again this week.


Yum! Tomatoes, onions, spinach, turkey bacon, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms.

Enough with homemade, here are some pics of my fantastic impromptu dinner at hammon tree’s in fayetteville:


This one’s called brie’s comapny. With carmlized onoions and stuff inside it. A little sweet and tangy. Not sure what it was exactly. I think it had fig too? Not sure.

And for dessert:


Grilled pound cake ceam cheese honey blueberry goodness. Been wanting to try that for a long time!


I love food. Especailly if it’s bad for me.

As promised: Scivatino Extend BCAA review!!!

I grabbed this earlier this week at YTFS. I think it was $25.00 or so… and it’s the new formula (apparently there is also an old formula still circulating around that is pretty popular). First of all, I’ll start by giving credit where credit is due:

I first heard about this stuff from Christina at ilovefetacheese.com. You can read her reviews of the old formulas: watermelon and blue raspberry. What they added to the new formula is electrolytes. What else did they add? I don’t know… Sorry. lol

The mixability is decent. I’m lazy and everyone at the gym kept asking me what was floating in my drink and I was like “uhh… I guess I didnt shake it up that much”. I made a big double-scoop serving and took it to the gym with me on Tuesday night for my pump and spin classes which I teach back-to-back with no breaks. This stuff I think really helped me power through both classes without fizzling out. AND I think it helped me recover. But I’m not sure because it was storming the next morning and I was unable to get my 5-mile early bird run in, and since I was sleep deprived I felt a bit achey still. But I think I was less achey than usual! I’m going to try this stuff this weekend and see what happens.

Here is what I have planned:

Frida after work: Please, nothing! Eat, sleep, prepare for Saturday.

Saturday morning: 18-miler. I’m going in feeling confident and strong.

Saturday evening/night: Training with adventure race buddies. Not sure what we have planned yet. but last year it was was about 5 hours of rappelling, running, hiking, biking, and avoiding spiders in the dark. In the DARK. You know when you’re out in the woods and you have a flashlight and the ground kinda looks like it must be wet abd dewey because it looks sorta sparkly in the light. Bend down and get yourself a better look. Those are spider eyeballs. ALL of them. Thanks Daniel/Sean for that knowledge bomb. I have been forced to alleviate myself of arachnophobia.

Sunday: Recover. Dad’s birthday dinner? 3:00 pm PiYo class at the gym I kinda wanna do. Clean house, do laundry, get groceries.

At some point I’ve got to make those cinnamon rolls. I *will* post the recipe. But, I don’t know when because I want to post pictures with it. This recipe is really something because I scoured the internet for something similar and was unable to find it. Kudos to Marlea for storing a copy of it on her computer! I want to make these for one our family’s family dinner sunday nights since I didn’t get to make them for sharon’s actual birthday dinner, but I think we might be going out to eat this Sunday. Ugh whatever. Boring rant, sorry.

ONE MORE THING: Lululemon,  I have to rant/rave about you. (if you check out my side bar you’ll see plenty of links to lulu bloggers if you wanna find out more)

Their website crashed today because everyone is obsessed with Gratitude Wraps that were uploaded today. Google it. They’re so ugly, I just don’t get it. They make everyone look like a homeless mushroom. Sorry. But seriously, yuck. Thankfully, I still managed to place an order, despite the ridiculous amounts of web traffic.

So there are the goodies I purchased today:

Cool racerback. Tree frog green!

Cross Your Hear Bra.

It’s a really dark purple color. I like it because it looks like it has good coverage as well as decent support. I’ll have to review this when I get it. In about a week… shipping takes forever from lulu these days.

Last but not least–

Full Tilt Long Sleeve

I bought it in this “dark coal/ghost wee stripe with black panels” but I really wanted the lilac version. It wasn’t uploaded and I saw that it wasn’t  in product notifications–and I subscribe to a LOT– so I decided to get my second choice rather than miss the opportunity for this shirt altogether. It was out a few weeks ago and I missed it then. So at least now I know I have one on it’s way, yippeeee!

I could always become a sidewalk puppeteer.



3 thoughts on “Full Tilt

  1. Nate October 13, 2011 / 7:57 pm

    Food porn, then clothing porn…..Love it.

  2. Kate October 14, 2011 / 2:44 pm

    OMG. I so want those Lulu Lemon goodies! You’ll be “stylin'” next month in Tulsa!

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