Raid the Rock 2011

Rock-raiding complete! We ended up getting 4th in our division and 5th overall (I think). We were one spot shy of placing which would have earned us a trophy. But it was all good. No regrets. I definitely think our team pushed harder than we ever have in any other race and really couldn’t have done much better than we did.

So here is what the course was like:

Started off in the dark running around grabbing checkpoints in the woods. This continued for a while until suddenly we were climbing. Up, up, up up climbing the north facing side of Pinnacle mountain. In the DARK. It was badass. And so was the view once we got to the top. City lights and a slight orangey glow starting to peep out across the horizon. Would have loved to sit and watch it rise, but alas the race went on!

(most of these photos were stolen from Bonnie’s camera)

After a few more checkpoints we were at the canoe transition. I’m a monster, so I carried the front all the way to the Little Maumelle River. Apparently it’s infested with gators, but luckily I didn’t know that at the time. It was definitely the coldest canoe trip I’ve ever been on. I froze my fingers off. We ended up going several miles (7-ish?) until we finally got out. I could NOT stop shivering.

Then a few more checkpoints in the woods (one was in a huge sewer pipe).

(Yes, crawl in there about 50 yards, please.)

Finally we hopped on the bikes and hit our first mystery event: rappelling off a bridge. I was a little nervous because I had never rapelled off of anything that didn’t have a ledge to bounce off of, but it was really no big deal at all.

Back on the bikes. Soon after that, we had to obtain a checkpoint at the Mud Run. It was manned, and they made us run through the mud that was more than knee-deep! Luckily there was too much water, so it wasn’t that bad. And we were all smart enough to take off our shoes first 🙂

Next we hit the road and headed back towards Pinnacle Park. When we got there, we had to bike on a SERIOUS mountain biking trail. It was winding back and forth all over the place and was really slow. The worse part about it was the amount of large rocks all over the trail. They would stop your bike in it’s tracks by catchin your pedal. At one point, Daniel flipped over the front of this bike, hit his head on a rock, and caught is knee in the handlebars. Shaun and I had to free him from his bike trap. We all thought he broke is leg. It was SCARY. I was regretting the fact that I opted against brining an emergency cell phone, but he bounced up and seemed fine. Thank God.

Next, we went back to the starting line. One of the other teams in our division we already done but we still had an hour hike ahead of us. We rushed through it and I aquired some serious scratches on my legs. Why did God decide that so many plants needed to have skin-slashing spikes all over them?

We finished with a time of 8 hours and 37 minutes. Leaps and bounds faster than last week’s 10:46 minutes! Although the course may have been a tad shorter. 40-ish miles instead of 50-ish.

This guy’s write-up is a lot more professional than mine if you wanna learn more about the race.

Exothermic finished in 11 hours and something and got third place in the Masters division which was pretty awesome!

Lucky for me, I was staying with Brandy & Bobby instead of camping in the cold. I really enjoyed being able to see her and catch up a bit. We ate dinner (4th meal for me!) at Juanita’s. Yum!

Yesterday I drove back from Little Rock. I was really stumped about what to do to prepare for my marathon in December. My body felt super tired and worn down, but I knew that it would be my only chance to get my long training run in. Was supposed to be 20 miles. I put on Merrell barefoot shoes and strapped my phone onto my arm and gave it to good ‘ol college try. I couldn’t find my sunglasses so I  ran in a hat for the first time. That was interesting… not my fave, but it was better than nothing.

I stopped at Panera to refill my bottle and then my phone died. I needed three more miles to get 20, but I was hurting so bad that I decided to go straight home and call it a day. My average pace was phenomenal, though: 8:17 per mile! My first 3.5 miles averaged a 7:30 pace. Which is nuts considering that I was running straight into the 30 mph wind. My hat kept flying up but my ponytail kept it from leaving, lol. My body hurts so bad today…

P.S. BTW someone typed in “tumblr young jockstrap boys” and found my blog. Super disturbing.

P.S.S. Happy Halloweeeeen!!!


4 thoughts on “Raid the Rock 2011

  1. Marlea October 31, 2011 / 4:36 pm

    You are a hoss. A superhuman. An amazing freak of nature. My hero. You should run in a cape and a mask. You should be on the cover of People magazine. Heck, your face should be carved in Mount Rushmore. And they should rename it Mount Super Stancil.

    • Lisa October 31, 2011 / 5:02 pm

      Hahaha!!! You’re silly!

      Besides, my hair is so long right now I think it counts as a cape already 🙂

  2. polkadotrunner November 2, 2011 / 1:30 pm

    Um so I didn’t realize you kicked friggin ass with your time! Well done chica!!! 🙂

    • fabulousinfayetteville November 2, 2011 / 2:11 pm

      I was creeping myself out by how fast i was going in combination with how tired i was! It was nuts!!!

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