Do you ever have those days where all you ever wanna listen to is something from Maynard James Keenan? I did yesterday. Well, and today. I didn’t have enough in my library so I had to consult spotify. Plus I hadn’t heard Puscifer’s new album “Conditions of my Parole”.

I started stalking my facebook friends via Spotify and saw Brian on there. I had to start digging through his playlists because I have a serious crush on his taste in music. Let me emphasize this: crush=music. not: crush=him. Queens of the Stone Age, Mutemath, The Flaming Lips, Holy Ghost!, A Perfect Circle…  I don’t even know what to do with my ears.

Anyways, so I decided to facebook chat Brian up and tell him how awesome his Spotify playlists were, and then he was like “Wanna go see Puscifer next month in Tulsa?” And then I DIED. OMG YES! He bought two tickets for some reason so yeah I am going to partake.

Here’s the catch: Puscifer is Friday Dec. 2 and my marathon is that Sunday. I decided that i’ll get a hotel and then fly out the next morning and then come back Sunday. And Brian has even offered to drive me back from Tulsa when my flight gets back on Monday night, which rocks my face. And he’s not making me let him share a hotel with me, which is a relief. I would have had to pay like $80 to keep my car in that stupid garage at the airport.

The whole first week of December is going to be epic. Puscifer Concert. Dallas. Marlea and Trip. Lululemon (lol), White Rock Marathon. Flying. Taking a day off work. Halestorm Concert.

Here’s Tuesday’s storm on it’s way out:

Ominous sky. It looks like it intends on wreaking havoc wherever it’s going.

This picture was taken in Walmart parking lot after a rather bizzare event that occured during my quick in-an-out spree. I walk in and this really tall large dude is singing loudly. I ignored him, but I thought to myself, “haha how embarassing for that girl he is with!” I’m pretty sure he is making up the lyrics and just being a total cheese and suddenly he’s like “purple unnnnndershirt!” and I looked down at my grey sweater…with a purple undershirt. Oh, boy.

I ducked into the toothpaste aisle and for some reason there he was. “Hey. I was singing about YOU!”

I had no idea what to say. “Uh…. Thanks!” And I continued on to the snack aisle.

Then he leaves his “friend girl” and comes up to me empty handed. “Hi.”    “You have something in your teeth.”

Me: “Ew, really? *thinking… I ate lunch like 5 hours ago.*

Him: “So yeah I saw you and i just had to come talk to you. Do you ever go to the Electric Cowboy? I’m the DJ there.”

Me: (no I haven’t been there in like a year) “I think I’m actually going this weekend. Between Lizzie’s Birthday and post-game partying, I might end up there.”

Him: “Well come see me at the DJ booth and I’ll buy you a drink.”

He goes on telling me about some bartender that works there that will hook me up. He has invented this drink that’s really good and the girls all like it, it’s called a “leg spreader”.

Me: “Sounds delicious…”

Him: “Can I get your number?”

Me: “No.”

Him: “Ok. See you Saturday!”


Okay time to talk about FUN stuff! SHOPPING! Someone asked me yesterday “So if you’re not a facebook whore, then what kind of whore ARE you?”

I thought for a minute…”Well, I think I’m a clothes whore, actually.”

GentleFawn top from Hautelook.

I’ve had a crush on GentleFawn since I was in high school. This is my first purchse 🙂 at $26.00 it was totally a steal. I also nabbed a plain tank from them for $8.

It’s pretty freaking hard to see because it’s so dark.


I pretty much wore workout clothes with jeans to work yesterday. I love working at Paze.


Super casual fantasticness featuring columbia pullover from Ozark Adventure Race 🙂

Oh yeah I almost forgot–I’m going to the game this weekend! This guy I don’t know at ALL invited me. Like really I don’t know him. He is friends with this guy who I’ve known for a while. They all live in Little Rock, but he was in town this time last year for a game, and I met them all at Lizzie’s Birthday last year at the Electric Cowboy.

I was pretty pumped about going to the game. I figured I would meet lots of his guy friends and have a fun tailgate and it would be a great time… until I asked him, “Who’s all going?”

“My parents.”

Really?!? Twice in one season I get to do a let’s-go-on-a-date-to-the-game-and-meet-my-parents” TWICE? Poppycock. At least I get to go to football games.

Oh, AND I’m getting my hair cut. So this Saturday is gonna look like this:

6:30 AM- wake up

7:30 AM- begin 22 mile run.

10:00 AM- brunch with running buddies (?)

11:00 AM- shower/ wear red

2:00 PM- YES! FINALLY! Haircut @ Robert James Salon.

3:00 PM- Start tailgating.

5:00 PM- Hogs vs Tenessee Kickoff

9:00 PM- Meet up with Lizzie to celebrate more birthday fun!

X:00 PM- (hopefully not AM) – sleep the deepest darkest sleep of my LIFE.

3 thoughts on “Shenanigans

  1. Nate November 10, 2011 / 5:47 pm

    My top 7 observations concerning this post:

    1) “The whole first week of December is going to be epic. Puscifer Concert. Dallas. Marlea and Trip. Lululemon (lol), White Rock Marathon. Flying. Taking a day off work. Halestorm Concert.”
    …..I want your life!

    2) The Cowboy = sleazy.
    Being a DJ at the Cowboy = I would never admit that to anyone
    Trying to pick up a girl at a Wal-Mart by telling her that she has something in her teeth and he will buy her a drink called a “leg-spreader” = super classy!

    3) Don’t do anything crazy with your hair, like getting it all cut off. (or a mohawk or anything)

    4) X:00 PM is my favorite time of the day.

    5) I wish I had half as many girls hitting on me as you have guys hitting on you.

    6) Tuesday’s storm was frightening, if only because I had this uncontrollable fear that a tornado was going to hit while an earthquake was happening.

    7) Being a clothes whore is probably one of the best kinds of whore you could ever be.

    • fabulousinfayetteville November 10, 2011 / 6:24 pm

      Responses to the 7 observations:

      1.) For once, I think I actually want my life, too!
      2.) It’s so sleazy. I love line dancing, I can’t help it.
      3.) Just a trim this time. Slight color alterations might be in my future, though 🙂
      4.) Ditto.
      5.) I think that’s the guy’s job??? It’s in the unwritten manual of dating on page 3412.
      6.) I just hope they quit freaking fracking the shale!!! lol
      7.) I dunno… maybe I could be a donating/volunteering/going green/cancer killing/life saving/world peace-ing/soup kitchen serving whore?

  2. Kate November 10, 2011 / 10:59 pm

    Oh Lisa. That’s all I can say 🙂 Love you chica!

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