Herbert part II

So on Sunday night I went to my parents’ house before dinner. I was outside playing fetch with the dogs, and then after I came in I was standing in the kitchen with them when suddenly mom was like “JIM!!! Lisa has a HUGE bug on the back of her leg!!!” So of course, I start imagining tarantulas, centipedes, dung beetles, scorpions… My dad grabbed it off of my leg. It was just Herbert. *shew*


Random fact: Maynard’s birth given middle name is Herbert 🙂

So anyways.. Route 66 Half marathon is THIS WEEKEND! Sharon and Kate are gonna crank out the whole 26.2 while I just run the half and then cheer them on through the last 13.1 miles. Maybe I should study the course and bring my bike so I can throw GU at them and take their jackets? I duno.

For the past two marathons, I have made t-shirt designs for the three of to wear. Iron-on party later this week! Here’s the design I made for this year:


Inspired by this water bottle:

I really like typography designs.

Mellow mushroom curently has a pumpkin cheesecake dessert that is sooo rich.


They have a special menu right now that features mushroom soup and a “holy” shiitake pizza. I ordered it. It was realllly good, except they totally skimped on the toppings. Hardly any cheese. LOTS of crust. The crust is good, but I ran 22 miles the day before. I wanted some CHEESE dangit!

Here’s a better picture of my haircut since you can actually kinda see the ends.


I decided to get off my high horse for a minute and go on a date with a stranger. We met for coffee. He was 20 minutes late… I would have walked out if I hadn’t already had a hot drink that wasn’t in a to-go cup. He didn’t do that great of a job at redeeming himself either. I don’t exactly cut guys a lot of slack when it comes to dating. Especially at first… just saying.

I’m not in any kind of rush to jump into anything. I have several balls in the air right now… some of them more promising than others. We’ll see.

I should stop trying to blog about dating right now… cooking! Let’s see if I can make quinoa chili soon!

And since I obviously have no idea how to flex…


That’s a big gun, though.

Oh, Tuesdays. I have pump again at 6:00 because I’m subbing for another instructor. And then of course I have spin at 7!

Happy Tuesday!!!


One thought on “Herbert part II

  1. Kate November 15, 2011 / 4:32 pm

    I am so excited about the tshirts 😉

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