Sorry I’m not a dainty ballerina

So I get up super early 3 days a week. Daylight savings time doesn’t help me at all. It’s still dark… I didn’t used to be a morning person at all, but teaching my 5:30 AM pump class has forced me to change my ways. Plus, I have this wednesday morning running habit with some great girls!

This week I was a few minutes late for the run because I opened my door to find a new friend:


He really wanted to come inside. And I knodof wanted to let him, but he might have fleas… and he might eat my betta fish. So I opted against it. I thought it was interesting that he was up there (I live on the second story). I would have given him a snack, but I STILL had not been to the grocery store. Haha, woops.

The next morning, I had to get up for pump and my car greeted me with a healthy layer of frost for me to scrape. Thanks. That’s my favorite way to wake up, how did you know?!


I decided it was “good enough”. Man I miss having a garage… and I really dread the next three months! Eugh!

Here I am post-spin class with my sweaty sweatness.


Wearing Nike crops with a lululemon CRB in Tree Frog.

Speaking of lululemon…

I bought myself my first lululemon bag!!! This the Arabesque bag in Silver Spoon. I am in LOVE with it! I’ve been wanting a lulu bag for over a year and I’ve just been patiently awaiting a color and design that drew me in.

I was kindof nervous getting such a light color, but I think it will be ok if I spray it down with something to protect it. I also think it will be perfect to carry as a “second carry on item” when I fly to Dallas for the marathon in TWO WEEKS!

And once I saw this pocket, I knew I was in love with this bag:


I’ll have to fill that one us ASAP. I think this bag is designed for dancers because it has places for toe and heel tape and left and right slippers. etc. I don’t care, I appoligised to it when I first opened it that I wasn’t a dancer. I said, “Sorry I’m not a dainty ballerina… but you’ll glet plenty of use from this amazon runner woman, don’t worry!”. I’m gonna christen it this weekend because I am bringing it to Tulsa with me for the Route 66 marathon. Again, I am using the half-marathon as a taper run for the Dallas. Mainly going to support Sharon and Kate who are running the whole. But I do think it will be challenging for me to hold back. I know I could probably run 8 minute miles the whole way, but that may not be the best idea if I want to hit my goals for Dallas.

I will blog all about the race next week. I CAN’T WAIT!!!


Kooda says hi (he’s one of my parents’ pomeranians). His eyes got all lit up because my phone flashed at him, and I think he looks rather hilarious. He was politely asking me to throw his toy squirrel. Whoever said pomeranians don’t play fetch is just plain wrong.

20111118-091101.jpg <–I’m still trying to figure out instagram.


4 thoughts on “Sorry I’m not a dainty ballerina

  1. polkadotrunner November 18, 2011 / 4:15 pm

    I am a pro at instagram. Infact, I’m ADDICTED. I can show you anything you want to know 🙂

    LOVE the LuLu Lemon bag! JEALOUS!

    • fabulousinfayetteville November 18, 2011 / 5:32 pm

      oh GOOD! I’ve just been way to lazy to tinker with it enough to figure it out 😛

      & thanks! I’m so addicted to lulu.

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