Route 66 Half Marathon

Tulsa… was…. COLD.


It wasn’t the coldest race ever. But it was the coldest run so far this year, staying in the upper 30’s throughout the race. Cooler runs tend to make me feel stiffer quicker. I think I made an excellent decision when I decided to hold back and stay with my sister rather than peel off and run like mad. I was able to keep her company during the first half of her marathon, which was fun. That was the main reason I went, anyway. It would have been stupid for me to race because I am tapering down for White Rock. This weekend, I run 8. Next weekend, I run 26.2.

Our shirts were a pretty big hit at the expo.

I don’t have many pics of us because I’m planning on stealing them from Sharon and Kate. I figured that would be better than passing my camera phone to my sister’s husband and making him take a zillion copies of the same pictures.

We are our pre-race dinner at a place called Susi in the Raw.


It was really good and fresh, but Fayetteville’s sushi has me spoiled. I was expecting fish on the top and lots of sauces and such but instead the rolls were very simple. I decided to order some red velvet cheesecake to satisfy my rumbly tumbly.


Sinfully fantastic.

Unfortunately, the “cook” at the Aloft hotel decided not to show up to make us breakfast that morning, so I nabbed a parfait from the snack bar.


It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t my first choice for a cold, blustery day.

The race started off pretty smoothly. I stayed with Sharon and realised that our 9:00 pace was pretty acceptable. We ended up speeding up from there and averaging an 8:45 pace ove the course of 13.1 miles.

There was a pretty obvious lack of spectators and motivators, so I was really glad that I was only running half of this monster. Compared to last year’s Little Rock marathon, it was pretty boring. And Oklahoma never puts money into taking care of their roads, and I almost murdered myself when I stepped into a pothole. My minimal shoe went completely into it and I expereinced a pretty good twist. Luckily nothing popped. Stupid Oklahoma. There were cracks and potholes EVERYWHERE.

After I finished and grabbed my shiny hardware, I found my sister’s husband Lane. He showed me to the warm car and we drove to a place where we parked and then biked to where we could see runners. It was a bit tricky finding her in an unfamiliar town, but I just followed Lane. He was really good at it. We used the app “Find Friends” and he was able to easily find Sharon and I during the first half of the race.

We were actually able to bike along side her through the University of Tulsa campus, which was part of the course from around mile 20 to about 22 or so. She was definitely feeling the effects of the distance pretty good by then, but she looked considerably stronger than most of the other marathoners.

She was limping and stiff after she crossed the finish line. She was all smiles, though 🙂 With the exception of her angry knee.

Kate finished soon after. One of the race officials told her she looked a bit woozy… you’d think he had been watching a 5k finish or something. Hello??? 26.2 miles, EVERYONE looks  woozy. I think maybe he was just flirting with her 😉

Watching both of them get their medal, photo, and finisher t-shirt made me SUPER eager to run Dallas in two weeks. Eeeee! SO READY!

We went straight to Hideaway Pizza because we needed hot filling food ASAP.


For some reason, it was the best pizza we’d ever had.

Mine had artichokes, sundried tomatoes, feta, basil, and pesto sauce. OMG yum.

That was NOT the end of my caloric binge either. You’d think *I* just ran 26.2 miles….


Soy chai latte from starbuks!

Then for dinner, I went to Outback with mom. Sharon and Lane would have joined us, but poor Sharon had to opt out because the blisters on her feet were out of control.

They missed out.


Ginerbread martini was SOOOO good. Then we had oreo waffles for dessert.

I’ll have to be a little more disciplined these next few weeks as far as getting proper nutrition. I’ll set a tw0-beer limit on myself for Puscifer on Dec 3! lol


4 thoughts on “Route 66 Half Marathon

  1. Nate November 21, 2011 / 4:11 pm

    There is a lot of deliciousness in this post.

    • fabulousinfayetteville November 21, 2011 / 5:47 pm

      I was trying to reinforce the truth of what we printed on the sweatshirts 🙂

  2. polkadotrunner November 21, 2011 / 5:31 pm

    I seriously want one of those ginger bread martinis for lunch. Like now.

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