Post Turkey Day

Here’s my first plate! Looks like homemade fantasticness, but it’s all catered from Richard’s. They had a pretty good thanksgiving day special, so we got a great deal. Sharon made a homemade pumkin pie to go with it. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was pretty humorous. She and I were both doubled trying to gather up the mess while her husband Lane was ding all the dishes.


GOSH I love food. That’s why I love RUNNING. I ran 4 miles on Thanksgiving and then I biked about 6. That’s what I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Sleeping and running. I didn’t have to work on Wednesday, but I didn’t want to miss my 5:30 AM run with the ladies. I ran and then I went back to sleep for a whopping 4 more hours! I had stayed up pretty late the night before. I registered for the Little Rock Marathon because it’s their 10-year anniversary and the medals are supposed to be SUPER bling this year.

Now I must insert a shameless plug for this fantaaaastic eatery that is hiding in Bentonville. literally, it’s hiding. I met my sister there for lunch Wednesday because I didn’t have to work and she did. The Crumpet Tea Room. This is the open-face crab cheddar (heaven) with a side of fruit.


And they dont just dump abunch of honeydew in a cup and throw it at you either. Instead, you get fresh paya, bananas, grapes, orange and more! Served with a sugary popyseed magical dip. nOM.


Too bad that Kooda can’t relax in my arms.


So… I also drove up to Missouri that day for a workout “date”. Working out with boys (when you let them choose the workout) can be pretty crazy. It was “back and biceps” day. We did three circuts of each of these:

Circut 1:

  • Pull-ups (I did modified)
  • Roman chair back extensions
  • Alernating hammer/standard/rotating curls (like p90x)

Circut 2:

  • Seated rows (machine)
  • preacher curls
  • random abs (i did the kind where you hold a medicine ball and twist)
Circut 3:
  • Lat pulls
  • bicep concentration curls
  • forearm thingies (freeweight on a rope with a cylinder that you roll up)
Circut 4: (the workout would have been over, but I insisted on some deadlifts!)
  • Deadlifts
  • reverse pull-ups? (i dont really know what to call this, but we basically crawled under the smith machine, used a wide grip, and pulled up while laying pretty slow to the ground. These are easier if your feet are closer to you.)
My biceps are pretty much useless.

I’m getting there!

My new year’s resolution was to be able to do pull-ups. I only have about 40 days left to figure that out. For some reason I don’t really care that much. I think next year my new resolution will be “become a crossfit queen”. lol we’ll see.

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