Lisa Does Dallas.

Holycrap. I’m actually writing this entry while descending towards Tulsa airport. I feel so brave. I’m such a big baby when it comes to flying. This is my view right now:


Utter blackness. It’s dark, cold, cloudy, and you can’t see ANYTHING. It’s making me seasick.

[So then the flight attendant accused me to texting and told me to turn off my phone.]

Here I am starting at the end again. Let’s go back the the beginning, shall we?

My flight on the way there was intense. The plane was nicer and bigger, but it was TURBULENT as heck! I sat with a bunch of OSU basketball girls. They were funny. They didn’t know where Indiana was. They ended up winning, though! Good for them. Not very many of them were flying. I wonder if other teammates had opted for other modes of travel. Their head and assistant coaches were killed in a plane crash less than a month ago.


It was a small plane, though. Commercial air is a lot safer… I think.

I like the wings on this plane. They tip upward at the ends which is fun. lol i’m so weird!


It was so turbulent that they didn’t serve drinks. And the basketball girl next to me kept texting while we were landing and taking off so I was going to punch her in the face if we started to crash. We didn’t though.

Oh, lululemon. A trip to Dallas is incomplete without you…


Paris pink pace setter skirt with the flow y tank in elevation space dye. Didn’t buy these, but loved trying them on. I ended up getting the run:essential jacket (to help me stay dry in the rain for the race) as well as the cross my heart bra in paris pink, a pair of starburst grooves in different shades of gray, and a currant CRB.

I actually had to track down the essential jacket in black in my size. I guess lots of other marathoners were trying to find something too that night. Sadly, I missed dinner with the Fayetteville ladies… but I still managed to have a DELICOUS meal:


Gnocci di Espinica from MoMo’s Italian Restaurant in Dallas.



So yeah, ew. Grossest day for a race ever. I ended up jumping out of the car and heading for the start. Suddenly I had to pee like a russian racehorse. FOR REAL. But the lines were so long, I finally decided that I would just have to hold it till I found a port-a-potty along the course.

It took me ages to finally get to the start. I even had to scale a chainlink fence.

Around 8: 15, They shot the gun.


That tiny yellow banner is the starting line. It took me 19 minutes and 37 seconds to reach it. I stopped on mile 3 to pee. Normally that is not an option for me during a race, but it was an emergency. The guy in front of me opted to just wet himself. That’s just gross. No excuses, buddy. While I waited in line at the port-a-potty, I got to see a kid puke all over the door of one of the outhouses. Eugh. He goes “Sorry dad!” lol poor kid. He was hefty.

I felt pretty good once I emptied my bladder. I felt like I was pretty much unstoppable, actually. Until I hit the halfway point–my calves and hammies started to tighten up.

I saw lots of cool people. Barefooters (as in NO SHOES at all), I saw a guy running with no legs. For real, double prosthetics. And he was passing people. I saw lots of great signs. My favorite one was “Worst Parade Ever!” Lots of people wanted to slap high-fives. I don’t like high fives when I’m running lol. Save them for after! Also, there were at least three different beer stops. That made me want to vomit. Stinky.

On mile 14 I found Trip! I was really glad to see him because I was starting to get pretty lonely with no one to talk to out there. I really needed the push of having someone with me so that I didn’t start psyching myself out and letting my pace slow too much. I just knew I wanted 9 minute miles.

On mile 20, Marlea joined, helped me get rid of my wet jacket and replace it with a fresh dry shirt. Trip ducked out. I told Marlea at least 15 times that “I’m so ready to be done!” I was pretty tired of running at that point. Tired of rain, tired of cold, tired of gu, tired of water. She did an amazing job making sure I didn’t give up. We actually picked up some speed as we got closer to the finish. She pretty much stuck with me till RIGHT before the end.

I had actually found Maria while I was with Trip and was stalking her all the way to the finish line. She beat me to it, but I managed to pass the 4 hour pacer balloon guy who she had been running with. I basically jumped on her and hugged her at the end and was all “OMG you ran your first marathon! And we’re done! And it was under 4 hours!!! I think!!!” (the gun time was 4:13)

So here’s a really cool feature from the race results page:


Look at all my stats! I’m such a badass. I did that in pouring rain 🙂

Marlea helped me pass 235 people. And how many people passed us? Oh? That’s right–ten.

All I did the whole time was pass people. I think the corral they assigned me to was way too far back. Nearly 20 minutes difference from my gun time and my actual time? Holy poop. As you can see, I hit my sub-4 hour goal! Weeee! My GPS was being super innacurate. It told me my time was 3:51.


The medals were cool. The blue part is glass or something.

I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching Bridesmaids and The Hangover. Ah, weddings. Is it just me or are there a LOT of wedding movies out there?

The next day Marlea and I had lunch at Napoli’s, I think. I’m not really certain…


I had this tomato/mozzarella/basil magical warm sandwich.

Then we went back to the malls to search for christmas-y clothes. Marlea wanted a red dress and I just wanted to try not to spend too much money. I got a shirt for 7 bucks at banana outlet and some cheap accessories at Forever 21. She had no luck on finding a red dress, though. We should have tried a big department store like Dillard’s or Macy’s or something.

Of course I wanted to go to lulu again because I got a product notification from Northpark about the run: stay on course jacket.


Heres the pace setter skirt in canvas print. They also had glacier lace print but it was only 2-way stretch which was lame.

Here’s a manifesto shirt in paris pink:


Yeah it looks like it says “eat once a day”. WTF, lol!

New stay on course crops:


These are cute, but there was too much business going on around my calf that it was kindof uncomfortable/bulky. They had other crops that I liked a lot better. I didn’t buy any though 😦 I was out of money from my OTHER shopping trip and all the food I scarfed!

Stay on course jacket:20111206-094827.jpg

So I kinda wish this had been in stock the day before so I could have considered buying it for my race. But I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been much better than what I ended up getting. The Run: Essential jacket that I bought was lighter and probably dried off a little bit faster… maybe. And it was $20 cheaper.

I drove back last night, went to bed at like 11:00 and woke up at 4:30 to teach pump. I walked outside and THIS greeted me:


I love the weather app:20111206-094848.jpg

Sounds like it’s gonna be kinda cold for a while, though.


I love tire icicles.


OMG I’m seeing HALESTORM… TOMORROW! ❤ my life right now.


5 thoughts on “Lisa Does Dallas.

  1. Marlea December 6, 2011 / 5:37 pm

    I wish I had taken a picture of you on race day! You are the toughest gal I know 🙂
    We actually ate lunch at the Main Street Bread Baking Company:

    • fabulousinfayetteville December 6, 2011 / 9:00 pm

      Yay thanks! Foursquare confused me. I can’t wait to run little rock with you in THREE MOTHS! Yaaaayyy!

  2. Nate December 6, 2011 / 6:05 pm


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