Little Girl, you like it LOUD.

Halestorm never fails to rock my face.


I got fairly close to the stage, but I was hoping I could have gotten closer since I was there by myself. All the guitar picks, bracelets, drumsticks and whatnot went to all the people who were crawling up the stage.

The above video is a song from their new album called “American Boys”. Should be out early sometime next year.


The crazy drummer behind her is her younger brother Arejay. They had some pretty cool parents (who apparently gave them both some pretty cool names if you ask me). They grew up listening to Alice Cooper while the rest of us listened to the Spice Girls and Hanson.

Arejay is an extremely talented drummer. He did a HUUUUGE drum solo (by himself–the whole band used to come out and drum with him) but he didn’t need any help with this one. At one point, he got rid of the sticks and drummed with his bare hands. He definitely runs the show from back there. Climbing on the rafters, pulling drumsticks out of the sky, tossing them around like it’s nothing. If you want to be entertained just watch his face! Seriously. I thought about asking him to marry me, but then I figured it would be better to wait another few years.


Not only is Lzzy Hale an amazing rockstar, but she’s also the nicest person you’ll meet!

I saw Halestorm for the first time ever back in 2006 in Tulsa because they were part of the “Winterfresh Snocore” tour then. They played with Seether and Shinedown. Flyleaf was also supposed to be there, but their singer had a sore throat or something. Halestorm opened the show. And IMO, they stole it!!! I always anticipated openers to be kinda boring, but she was the most energetic and talented front(wo)man of the night! Every time I see this band, it’s magical. So go see them!!! ASAP!!!


I got to meet the whole band. Of course I was too busy being all star-struck to say anything cool. Instead I just stood there talking to Joe and Josh about how it sucks to get up early. And about how I kinda suck for coming to their show alone. I really wanted to tell them how their music has made a positive impact on my life. How the messages in their songs have given me the strength to make positive changes in my life instead of just sucking it up and going with the flow… but instead I just stuttered and managed to get a picture with Lzzy.

I bought a shirt and I bought their EP “ReAnnimate” because it’s limited hard copy. So it made me feel like I needed one. Like it will be a collectible one day 🙂 I’m not going to sell it though.


In other news, I had paleo pancakes yesterday:



That’s about all I really have to say about that.


One thought on “Little Girl, you like it LOUD.

  1. Nate December 8, 2011 / 4:59 pm

    Sounds like a righteous show! Glad you had a great time! They sound super nice.

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