A very photogenic plate of Tuna at Meiji.


Not the most eventful weekend. I went out friday night with the girls. It was a pretty good time, but it just reminded me why I’m not real big about going out all the time. You have to fend off creeps all night and it’s kinda hard not to get carried away with yummy cocktails.

$2 cosmos at FIX! What else are plastic martini glasses used for?

Other than that I pretty much spent the whole weekend being useless. I didn’t even work out. The whole weekend! Crazy, right? I feel pretty much completely flabby by now. Which is good because tonight I teach kick and then tomorrow I teach pump, sub pump, and then teach 60 minutes of spin. Hinder is playing at george’s  tomorrow night, but I don’t have tickets and am not sure if it’s worth being super exhausted to see them again [I saw them at memphis in may last spring]. I’m planning on running at 5:30AM on wednesaday morning. I don’t hate running nearly as much after this last marathon as I did after the first two! Bahaha!


Dylan’s candy bar/neiman Marcus gingerbread house!

I made this gingerbread house with my mom last night. It was SO much easier than the ridiculous one I made last year that required actual baking and not just icing. The icing was CRAZY thick. I felt like I was trying to decorate with cement. It was redonkulous.

Speaking of redonkulous, here are some goodies from Dallas White Rock:


Just happened to finish 3 seconds behind Maria so we opted to get a finish photo together 🙂

I feel like those pictures belittle the rain.

Oh Monday, please be kind…


One thought on “Horizons

  1. ilovefetacheese December 14, 2011 / 8:20 pm

    that first dish looks INSANELY good

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