Diamond Eyes

The folks at Meiji went all out for mom and me when we went there for lunch on Friday.


There weren’t very many other people in there, so I think they decided to take the liberty of making our meal extra special. 🙂 It’s no secret that we’re regulars. I’m the mayor on foursquare, lol!


My green goddes is a flower, and Mom’s spider roll (right) was a spider.

I went out that night to FIX. They had a white winter “snow ball” to raise money for the local children’s shelter.


I don’t have a lot of white in my closet so I dug out this wrinkly sweater. I left around midnight. I heard that all the cute boys showed up after I left. Hah, go figure. I’m sure they were all waiting.

I have a new obsession. Are you ready? It’s CANDLES.

I bought the above candle for myself while I was christmas shopping [which im finally DONE with, btw!] yesterday and I also have two others that I am loving!

One is candied carmel pecan and one is pumpkin pie. I smelled like 30 candles at walmart before I picked those out. If you’re looking for pumpkin, then get the one made by Mainstays! It’s way better than the other walmart brands. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good paula deen candles and some good better homes & gardens candles, but their pumkin versions didn’t compare!

Then I painted my toenails.


Theyre out of focus but I did a dark purple base with sparkles over it because i’m 5. But we all know this already 😉

6 days till Christmas!!!

2 thoughts on “Diamond Eyes

  1. Nate December 19, 2011 / 4:47 pm

    Looks delicious!

    (the sushi…not the candle, sweater, or toes)

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