She’s so heavy

She really is!!! No, actually I’ve just been titling my blog entries on what I am listening to at the time. It’s Halestorm’s cover of the Beatle’s song. And I have an autographed hard copy of the album. So it’s post christmas! YAY.

I bought the Run: Pace Setter skirt from lululemon in Paris Pink:


WTF it’s not 2-way stretch. I didnt buy it in dallas bc it didn’t come in my size, but for some reason I assumed the tight fit was because it was a size too small, not because it was only made of 2-way stretch. I’m selling it on ebay.


Besides, the flamingo butt ruffles were just a little too much. Even for me.


Christmas gifts!!! (some of them, anyway)

I got lots of Lush! 2 gift sets. One was this:

Only it didn’t come with that white bar with the orange dude.

It came with:

  • Huuuuuuge bar of rockstar soap (new fave!!!!)
  • Happy Hippy Shower Gel
  • Bubble Gum Lip Scrub
  • Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub


 I havent tried the sugar scrub, yet. I’m kindof afraid to because all the cold runs and long hot showers are making my skin dry and the last thing I wanna do is exfoliate that stuff. Just seems counterintuitive.

I did  try this lip scrub. It’s meant to be licked off. I beleive in following it up with some hydrating stick or gloss to get the full effect. Hey maybe I should try the body scrub too and then jump in a tub full of cetaphil. Bahaha! Hmmm…

Got a second gift set with these babies in it:

Candy Mountain bubble bar.


I think this star-shaped soap is called snow angel. Haven’t tried it yet because I’m stuck on rockstar 🙂

Sister got me a betsey johnson necklace!!! I love BJ and I love cupcakes and I don’t care if i look like i’m 12.


The inside of it even has a little extra cute feature: lips! They match the ones on my BJ purse.


Heh. I have calloused hands.

Here’s my cool medal hanger that dad made:

One for me and one for sis! Can’t wait to hang it up and put all my medals on it! I worry a little about how big the  Little Rock medals are and wonder that they’ll yank it off the wall with their immense magnitude.

I pigged out during christmas. I tried to make up for it today by burning it off:

Treadmill interval torture, 3 miles.

.5 mile warm up jog 6-7 mph

.25 8-9 mph hoofin’ it

.25 6-7 mph jog

repeat the .25 intervals 4x till you hit 3 miles. shoulder/chest workout. 4 sets, 10-12 reps of each suspeset:

Bench press + Bent over dumbell row

incline dumbell press + seated cable row

decline bench press + wide grip lat pull-down

chest flyes + straight arm press-down

I met some guy named… Tuie? I forgot. It was an extremely unusual name. I told him about the oolds of classes I teach. He said “no wonder you look so good!” So my morale felt much better after the food gorge from the day before.

Then I ran 8 miles with Maria. I love it when people call me crazy.

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