Gratefulness II

This is a follow-up post from the original Gratefulness entry I wrote back in June. I’ve decided to again break down my weekdays and focus on my favorite things, only this is the “winter” edition since obviously wakeboarding is out of the picture.

This morning started off nice. I got to make paleo pancakes:


Anyways. Here we go:

Monday: I’m definitely the most well-rested on this day. I usually don’t do much strenuous excercise on Sunday, so this is the day I feel like I can take on the week ahead!

Tuesday: Longest day in the universe. I recently shortened my spin class from 60 min to 45. I think I can get just as good of a workout in less time. Lululemon ahs unofficially changed their upload day to Tuesday, so I pretty much love seeing what goodies are released each week. (Wow, so far this post is pretty redundant!)

Wednesday: This time of year is dark for my early runs. But they are an important part of my week. I thought these runs were something I was doing to try to stay trim so I could fit into the bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding, but it ended up becoming a habit. I have been forgoing starbucks. Today’s 27 degree run just felt right. Kickboxing at night.

Thursday: Has changed a little bit since my past post. I now have a PM spin class, so it pretty much parallels Tuesday as far as my schedule goes. My every other weekly chiropractor visit makes me happy.

Friday: This is the day I’ve been putting aside for fun. Pretty much lways going for sushi with mom at Meiji. Usually I’m exhausted from the week, but lately I’ve been joining a lot of the girls I run with for dancing at FIX. But I don’t drink because I drive myself to and from. Which is fine. Drinking really isn’t that fun anymore. I’m getting old.

 Saturday: Early morning long runs. I’ve been marathon training. Still going even though Dallas was earlier this month. Gotta get read for Little Rock! It’s nice to be able to run 26.2 without feeling like zombie for the last 6 miles. Then usually a nap… sometimes I go out. I try to schedule “dates” on these two days (fri & sat), which is usually pretty entertaining. But I haven’t found anyone I’d like to go on a second date with. Such is life.

Sunday: This is the day I shop for groceries. Sometimes I bike if it’s not too cold. I no longer teach pump on this day, so it’s my only day that is WIDE open with no obligations. I tend to use it to catch up on rest/laundry/cleaning etc.

I like how this post had nothing to do with me being grateful… I’ll get there. Holdon, I have to bitch about something first:


I CANT STAND MY NEW NEIGHBORS!!!! They wake me up all the time because they have really loud parties on week nights–particularly on nights that I have to wake up at 4:30 to teach pump. They ALWAYS have trash on the porch and they leave their front light on all night long every single night. See that window? That is my bedroom. When I’m trying to sleep, it looks like the sun is up. Also, there’s already a community porch light that stays on all night so I don’t even know why they feel like keeping their stupid light on.

The other night I only slept for three hours because of their loudness. I didn’t have the balls to go over there in my PJ’s and confront them. Then I worked 8 hours and taught three classes the next day. That was yesterday and I still feel like crap today despite sleeping 7 hours last night. ARGHHH!!! ok. end rant.

Ok so favorite things (non-weekday related)

  • having time to make paleo pancakes before work
  • getting paid to work out
  • buying guilty pleasures at lululemon
  • anticipation for Halestorm’s new CD
  • going to USARA nationals!!!
  • being able to run marathons
  • my electric bill being like half what it was in the summer
  • blabbing about whatever I want to on my blog
  • showers
  • sleep

2 thoughts on “Gratefulness II

  1. Nate December 29, 2011 / 1:40 pm

    Call the cops on your neighbors. (or tell the landlord.) There is no excuse for that on week nights!

  2. ashelanna January 12, 2012 / 9:18 pm

    grow some balls and confront them! tell them to “knock that shit off”. They should get the message

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