Run for it!

Not a bad resolution. Sounds a lot more fun that eating more salads.


Here are my neighbors again.

Rather than bother them, rant about them, or plot revenge–I think I am just going to focus on positives about them. They seem to be good looking and well dressed people who probably won’t steal your packages or throw cigarette butts all over your welcome mat. And (assuming it’s a husband/wife who life there) the wife has a really good singing voice. She likes to sing while she cooks/cleans before her husband comes home around 9:30 or 10. At least that’s what i’ve decided is going on through my paperthin bathroom wall. I think I may have serendaed them a time or two during my 7:00am showers.

So I ordered lululemon’s Run: For It pullover because I have some lengthy below-freezing runs coming up in preparation for Little Rock Marathon in March.

Love the asymmetrical zipper! It won’t stab me in the chine hopefully.

I like how it’s fitted but still loose enough to layer a thermal underneath if needed.

And, of course, it’s got cuffins! These are great for when I forget my gloves 🙂 or If i’m on the fence about wearing gloves in the first place… (between 30 and 45 degrees it’s harder to gauge.) You just have to be careful with the tech fleece this is made of. If it even looks at velcro the wrong way it will start to pill and fray.


It looks a little bit ridiculous with the hood up. but it will keep my neck from turning into a frozen necksicle.


My bathroom is so cool.

Okay so this weekend I did a little project with some dingy-looking whites. I had some vinegar leftover from setting hte color in my pink sports bra, and I’ve heard that vinegar can be used to whiten whites.  I googled and found this little promising recipe.





Well. I’m pretty sure that didn’t work… There’s even a stain still on the left pants hip pocket. mom says try Clorox 2 so that will be my next attempt at whitening. Vinegar myth busted.


That looks like a good idea.

OH and OMG I really suck at bowling but I did really well when I went on Sunday! (Okay so I lost the other two games, but I had the high score of the night!)


A fun night it was 🙂


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