Win a Vitamix!

Does my fish look fat?


I think maybe I feed him too much. Lately I’ve started leaving his light off more because there is some stupid green junk that keeps growing in his tank and it grows slower without the light. I need to just throw away the plant that is the obvious culprit. All of the funk is growing RIGHT underneath it.


He made me a boquet of bubbles to show his appreciation. At least *someone* wants to be my valentine! His name is Bubbles. Haha, actually I’m totally cool with being my own valentine. I’m teaching a spin class that night anyway.

So I got myself a present (I do that a lot these days).

It’s so pretty! I figured it would be great for Razorback games and such. I’ve only worn it once and I’ve already been asked about it. It helps that the nearest lululemon (non-showroom) store is about 6 hours away. There is a showroom in Tulsa, though, which is only about 2 hours.

Wore it to work that day and then again over my workout clothes to spin that night. Ha! I love red!!! It’s amazing!

Okay so I’ve had a crush on vitamix blenders for about three years now. But I haven’t made the financial committment yet. So the dream is not a reality… yet. I’m holding out hope!

Click the image below to enter to win!

Type “fabulousinfayetteville” to receive an extra entry!

These blenders are seriously amazing. Smoothies, soups, sauces, etc.

Running an easy 12 miles this weekend–can’t wait to be done with all this running! I’m so ready to start other forms of athletic trainnig. Hello triathlons. Hello crossift.

Happy Friday.



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