Buck Furpees

That was the name of one of the teams on Saturday 🙂

(Only that picture is not a crossfit style burpee at all… your chest hits the ground  at the bottom and your feet leave the ground at the top as you clap your hands over your head.)

Anywho, maybe everyone is sick of reading about my crossfit posts, but I don’t really care. I went to my second foundations class last night and I wanna brag about it!

AMRP 5 minutes
321snatch w/ bar
10 burpees
10 ply-o lunges

7 completed 🙂

What the heck is AMRP? As many rounds as possible in a given amount of time. He only made us go for 5 minutes, but I was definitely sucking wind and hating myself by the time it was over. The 3-2-1 snatch move is where you pretty much do three power pulls and on the 4th one you snap the bar  up into the snatch position. We also went over split snatches. I think I like the regular ones better, but it’s hard to tell since we’re only lifting an empty bar at this point.

I went to teach spin afterwards, but no one showed up. At this point, I kinda wanna just take it off the schedule, but I don’t want to take the pay cut.

(My new best friend)

Today my armpit/chest area is dying. And my shoulders and back are pretty pissed off too. This really is gonna be a long road. Bring it on!


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