Happy <3-Shaped Chocolate Day

I can’t help it.


I may be single, but I’m still gonna wear pink and red and eat chocolate on Valentine’s day.

What else did I eat today? Well a lot of the crossfitters at my box (Yes it’s MY box–I JOINED yesterday!) have been talking about the “green sludge” so I looked it up and found this:

“Perfect Food” Garden of life Organic Green Super Food…

I happened to have a sample packet that I totally forgot about, so I shook it up with 8 oz. of water for a post-lunch snack. It was GROSS. I definitely felt like I was drinking pond scum.



Look at that and tell me it doesn’t look DELICIOUS!? I read a lot reviews, though, and apparently this stuff makes you awesome. It keeps your immune system rockin’ and it helps you destroy some workouts. I’ll have to buy the full size tub and experiment mixing it with different juices or smoothies or something. Or I can just shoot it. Whatever 🙂

Despite making some budget cuts to afford crossfit, I spoiled myself with some lululemon. I got the Paris Pink camo speed shorts and the Paris Pink swiftly racerback in the mail. It’s my first swiftly racerback, and I totally love the short sleeves and v-necks that I have. This tank should be the one called the “cool” racerback, because it’s THIN! I can’t wait to wear it for summer running… as long as the color doesn’t bleed.



Gosh, I love PINK! And camo.

Two more beginner foundations classes down:

Monday’s WOD


8 rounds: 20 seconds of air squats, 10 seconds of rest.

I am SO sore from that! I did 19 and 20 squats every time. That’s nearly 160 squats FAST.

Tonight’s WOD

4 rounds for time of:

15 shoulder presses

10 burpees

parking lot run

 It took me 8 minutes. I was the second person in our beginner class to finish! I am loving crossfit. I just wanna rock the workouts, I wanna find my weak spots and push myself to be awesome! This is SO exactly what I have been looking for to pour my heart into. I only have one beginner class left, then I get to play with the big kids. Next weeeek!

3 thoughts on “Happy <3-Shaped Chocolate Day

  1. ilovefetacheese February 15, 2012 / 7:15 pm

    your butt looks so good in those shorts lol!!!

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