Pinky Blister

I’m a little concerned that my blog is turning into a crossfit-only blog. lol

I just feel like I want to share my experiences with the www so that people can get new wrinkles in their brain through my experiences. That’s all. So YEAH I totally get the sock thing now. I went and did my second “REAL” WOD on Sunday afternoon and it consisted of 3 rounds of 15 deadlifts, 25 “jumping hand pushups” and 800m run. The “C” recommendation was 115, but since it was my first WOD I decided to lift 95 instead. I’m a chicken. But it was super easy, so I know that next time I can jump up quite a bit heavier. Plus I have a better grasp on good form.

When I did the deadlifts correctly, the bar happily took peices of my shins with it:


I am definitely in the market for SOCKS! My marathon buddies and I are wearing them in Little Rock Marathon in less than two weeks, and I just got the ones we picked out in the mail:


(Click the image to see where I ordered them from)

They’re pretty much the most ridiculously awesome socks I’ve ever seen. Unicorns and cupcakes on the same sock?! Robots, too. Not sure about the robots, but they’re rather cute anyway. Look at their little antannae!

I did another WOD last night:

3 rounds–

20 pullups

30 situps

40 squats

400m run

It wasn’t bad except for the pullups. I really don’t know how to kip very well yet. I had to use the band. But I consider myself a badass, so I opted for the blue band (the smallest band they had). By round three, I highly regretted that decision. Thank goodness the other three peices of that workout came a lot more easy to me. 16:02.

several people had these:20120221-081601.jpg

The huge blister on my pinky/palm area wants me to order a pair.

(I’ll refrain from posting that blister, haha!)

Everyone is SUPER duper nice there. People will happily answer all of my dumb questions and help me try new stuff and recommend supplements and equipment for me. I actually ordered a jump rope yesterday, but I’ll post about it after I have the chance to use it. I was told to go buy the “purple pills” to help with recovery. Apparently it’s some sort of isolated creatine that won’t make you retain water. I’m gonna look into it, because right now I’m really glad today is a rest day. Except that I taught pump this morning…

It was kinda funny. I ususally curl 20lbs for the biceps track, but today I had to do 15 and it STILL kicked my booty.

I’m loving life right now.

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