Paleo pyramid

Yes, I sat here and constructed a paleo food pyramid because I was inspired and bored.

YES it has bacon on it, lol. No, I’m still not eating pork or beef. But if it’s grass-fed and someone who knows what theyre’e doing cooked it up, then I might be willling to put on my “brave pants”. I kinda feel like I should have separated fruits and veggies and then lumped the meat and fat together… Meh, whatever. I’m just excited to try to make my eating habits better. I know that dairy can be a litle on the edge in the paleo world, but I threw it in there because life without yogurt would just be bleak.

Speaking of animal cruelty, I got a leather jacket!


I accidentally made this picture tiny and am too lazy to fix it. Appologies.


Speaking of which, my hair is REALLY GETTING LONG again. Yes I straightened it. I’m finding myself spending time doing interesting things like straightening my hair and constructing food pyramids because I cancelled my TV a couple of weeks ago. It was an effort to make room in my budget for crossfit and scaling back at the gym, but so far all I’ve done is buy myself crossfit goodies and lululemon. woops… (Hehe, i’ll post about those when they arrive!)

Last night’s WOD:

35 floor to overhead

run 1 mile

35 MORE floor to overhead

100 double unders (AAB option, but i did it anyway bc i wanted the practice)

the “A” weight was 65, but since this is my 6th crossfit workout EVER, I went for B weight which was 55. I was the first one done, so I probably could have gone heavier. I rocked the mile, so that helped. But my lower back is super tight today. Seriously, my body is like “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CROSSFIT CRAP? whatever happened to kickboxing and spin class?”

I was done with all the hard stuff in 12:48. But the DU took me another 6 minutes, because I’ve pretty much never done them before. My jump rope is on its way in the mail!

I also tried the GHD machine a little bit. I was afraid to do too much on it because I’m already gonna be really flipping sore.

GHD machine= Glute, Ham developer.
They should think about changing it’s name to BAA machine for BadAss Abs.

Oh, and I’m running a marathon in 9 days.

Whose idea was that anyways?


2 thoughts on “Paleo pyramid

  1. Chas Laguire March 5, 2013 / 2:33 am

    The World Health Organization, in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organization, published guidelines that can effectively be represented in a food pyramid relating to objectives to prevent obesity, chronic diseases and dental caries based on meta-analysis though they represent it as a table rather than a “pyramid”.’

    My own, personal website

    • fabulousinfayetteville March 5, 2013 / 8:51 am

      Hmmm…. agriculture? Maybe they’re all getting together to help sell a product. Like, I dunno, …corn? rice? grains and obesity?

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