bye, spiderman

This week, I discovered Jenna Marbles.


Millions and millions of hits on YouTube, mostly 16-24 year old women. Clearly, this demographic needed a comedian! I love it. Good for her for pushing the envelope on YouTube and being witty and pretty and just plain hilarious. Oh, and for making me feel better about cancelling my cable TV.

In other news: *drumroll* …..I ATE BEEF.

Okay, so that may not sound ground-breaking, but it was the first time I have eating beef my choice since December 2003. It’s a “paleokit”. You can buy one here. They are cavemantacular and very crossfit-friendly. And I’m not gonna lie–it was good.

The ingredients are super basic. Lookit! Pineapple juice? Strawberries and macadamia nuts? Cooool…

My box is funny, here’s Tuesday’s WOD:


Ring dips are evil. I used a helpy-helper blue band and I was the only one who was wobbling around like a fish and hitting muscle failure after like 4 reps. Ackkk.

I squatted 165 lbs. I tried 175, but failed. I want to get up to 200, but I’m sure it will take a while. I was told I need lifting shoes, but I’m not sold on that… what can they do that my regular shoes can’t? For $150, it better make me, like, 20% stronger. Screw lifting shoes, I needed more “everything else” shoes!



These are the New Balance Minimus TW20 and the’re spectacularly purple!

I got them on Zappos. They definitely feel different from my old pair.

I also have these:

New Balance MT10. Only mine are SHOT. And they’re so floppity, I could probably tie them in a bow. I am running my marathon this weekend, and I am trying to decide if I that’s the right choice. The new shoes are just too new, and the old shoes are making my toenails fall off….


They’re just a tad too small… and my big toenail on my right foot is kindof  slowly lifting itself away from the rest of my toe. It’s really sick. Neither of these shoes are in condition to be running a marathon this weekend, but such is life.

HOLYCRAP. I’m running a marathon in 3 days. *mixed chaotic emotions*

And I don’t even know what shoes I will wear…. lol.

Man I hope my ailments heal in time. My lower back is KILLING. And my left ankle/foot/calf/achilles. Bleh.


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