KONY 2012

Please watch this video:

If you can’t watch it (yeah- its kinda long). then let me tell you what is going on… Most of us have heard of “invisible children” before. I didn’t know exactly what was going on when I first heard about it from a sorority sister back in 2005, but I knew that it was really sad, and that I felt like nothing I could do would make a difference.

Well if there’s anything I learned in college as an advertising major and marketing minor, it’s that awareness is power. People need to be aware of Joseph Kony. Since 1986, he has been abducting children (over 30,000 of them!) and using them as sex slaves and making them fight and kill thier own parents and eacother and who knows who else– just for his own sick reasons. To make himself powerful? I don’t really get it, but it’s just wrong. It’s REALLY sad! This truly would not fly in America, so we’ve got to help Uganda.

On April 20, we’re going to cover the streets with posters and craziness so that Kony will become SUPER famous. Raise awareness, provoke change. If people can recognize this guy, then hopefully he will finally be caught.

Join TRI or Donate to Invisible Children: http://bit.ly/yp5Ffv
Purchase KONY 2012 products: http://invisiblechildrenstore.myshopify.com/
Sign the Pledge: http://www.causes.com/causes/227-invisible-children

I know this isn’t anything like my usual blog posts, and that I have pretty low readership… but I wanted to reach out in every outlet that I could! This dude has GOT to be stopped!!! I have done a little research, and it looks like a lot of people assume that this is some kind of scam since it is asking for money…. no. I’m not going to spend any money. I’m gonna print my own posters and put them downtown. IMO–Just spread the word and keep your money in your pocket if you’re worried that it’s a scam. Share the video on facebook, take the pledge, do what you gotta do!

Frankly, the kits are on backorder for 4-6 weeks which means that I would probably barely get it by 4/20 anyways.

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