Kickball, Saint Patty & Crossfit


It ain’t easy being green.

Nah, just kidding– It totally is.

So I guess the stars are all lined up kinda funny lately because I’ve been getting a lot of (unwanted) attention from the opposite sex. Go figure that it would happen when I least want it to. Don’t get me wrong, It’s nice to get the ego boost and to have dance partners at girls’ nights like the one above, but sheesh. I’m not the type of girl you take home… you know, unless it’s to meet your parents because we have been dating for a while and you really like me. lol!

I’ll go ahead and admit it: I totally have a crush. Nothing is happening yet, but I think it’s better that way. I am in absolutely no hurry at all. Plus, you never know… maybe if I get to know him he will turn out to be totally not what I thought he was. Plus there’s the chance that I’m not his type. I’m a unqiue rabbit after all.

We had our first kickball game(s) on Sunday.

We ended up losing both of them, but it was a whole lot of fun. I managed score a few runs, though! I have mad bunting skills. And BOY am I photogenic–Double bunny ear-maker.

We had some time to kill in between games so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I ate a lot, so I was pretty full… and then I stayed full… and then I woke up in the middle of the night with food poisoning (I think that was the culprit, anyway). It was awful. I ended up taking Monday off at work and I spent about 75% of the day in bed. I slept for a much needed 11 hours.

I actually ended up going to crossfit that night for bench press and “L-sits”. I found out I could bench 80lbs about 12 times before I maxed out, and that I could bench 115 one and a half times. Ha. “L sits” are really hard. It’s where you hang onto pvc pipe thingies and then lift your legs off the ground into an “L” shape. My longest one was 20 seconds. Hey, at least I know there’s only room for improvement.

After about 5 seconds I would start violently shaking from the arms and then the legs and then I’d slam my butt to the ground. I really want to work on these, and I feel like it’s something I can totally do at home if I can find something shoulder width to hang on to.

My hip flexors and quads were having a really hard time on this one because of the open WOD 12.4 that I did the day before. I wish I would have looked at the clock! I was the first person to finish the 150 Wall Balls–so I’m pretty sure I was done with them in around 7 mintes (wheeee!). Then I had to do single jump rope because I suck at double unders (and because my tendinitis is keeping me from jumping that high). Then I did 34 static pullups…. with a green band 🙂

A few more things that I want:

(veggie julienne slicer so i can make fake spaghetti)

(maybe one day I’ll earn one of these!)

I regret not snapping these up when I had the chance:

I also wish I had a coal tank to go with lots of my crazy shorts. Myah.

See you tomorrow–I’m going to blog about BB cream.


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