Garnier BB Cream

So I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a BzzAgent, and I ocassionaly sign up for word of mouth campaigns and I get sent new prodcuts to try in exchange for blabbing about them. Good or bad, all blab is good blab, right? So right now I am testing Garnier’s new BB cream–yay! I’ve been curious about this stuff for a while.

Okay first off, what is BB cream? It’s basically tinted moisturizer with magical unicorn tears added in that are supposed to even out your skin tone, smooth out and moisturize skin, and protect with spf. And I also heard rumors that it has magical healing properties that shrink your pores, reduce your scars, and make you bulletproof. I’m not sure about all of that.

So here’s my experience with it:

I tried the light/medium color, and it seems to be fine. The texture is pretty thick, but it goes on really sheer, so if you’re wanting a lot of coverage then you should put makeup on over it I guess. It definitely gives a dewey finish, which can come off as greasy. I have combination skin, so this doesn’t really bother me too much. I noticed about 30 minutes after application that I looked much less greasy. I also tried setting it with some bare minerals mineral veil powder and that took out most of the shine. I have read reviews from other people–one girl said it just made her look way too greasy and caused breakouts, whereas another one said that it gave her skin a very natural looking finish. I’m somewhere in between, I think.

This is a good product for summer because it’s light and has SPF. I actually used it on my face while I had a sunburn and I think it helped the burn heal a little faster. Maybe it was the unicorn tears, but it might have just been the moisture and protection 😉

I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I think my skin tone actually looks more even…I suck for not taking before and after pics.


More even skin.

I haven’t had any breakouts.

I like the sheer coverage for summer.

Easy to use (just applied with my fingers).

Price! (~$11)


Smells chemicalyish.

Goes on a bit greasy looking.

Hit me up if you know me IRL and I can hook you up with a coupon from my Bzz kit!

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