Electric doodad

Rainbow time!!!


I was in the parking lot at crossfit when I noticed there was a huge rainbow. I went inside and told everyone about it. Then I turned around to look at it again and it was gone. “Haha, suckers.”

I went to get phyiscal therapy for my tendonitis yesterday. I had *no* idea what to expect, but I really liked it! I got a massage, a deep stretch, and an ankle workout.

I also got to get hooked up to this doodad:


Uhh…. that’s gonna electrocute me, isn’t it? That’s not really my thing. I changed my mind.


Oh okay this isn’t that bad.

It was some sort of machine that they stuck electrodes to my leg from that did some kind of electric therapy to my leg that felt like a cross between a massage and someone rubbing velcro (gently) on my skin. It was pretty weird. That ‘s the best word for it…. weird. Painless, but weird.

My homework is to do some excersises with the band. They don’t know that I also happen to own a balance board, so I’ll probably be clocking some minutes on that thing as well.

Kickball is officially underway. We’re all newbies so we lost our first two games. Maybe we can pull of a few wins before the end of the season. I’m not all that worried about it, I actually had a lot of fun just playing outside and being goofy. And practicing my handstand. lol–look at that girl’s face in the dugout. “Is that… feet?”

I entered the sock design contest at Sockittome.com! Today was the deadline so I literally whipped this thing out in about an hour. The main reason it even took that long is because my computer was being annoyingly slow.

Here’s my design:

I call it “star of the game!”

I was gonna make one with cute lingerie all over it and call it “umentionables”… but I didn’t think I could whip that out in such a limited amount of time, so I settled on the stars 🙂 NEXT YEAR!

Ready to finish physical therapy and start running again… I’m signed up for the hogeye relay in less than a month. Get crackin, miss ankle!


One thought on “Electric doodad

  1. polkadotrunner March 24, 2012 / 5:15 pm

    Can’t wait to get our medal for the relay 😉

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