April Showers

So much for training for the Hogeye relay. I actually tried to go for a 5-miler on Wednesday morning but was greeted by this:

Along with lightning, thunder, and sprinkles (and not the rainbow kind). So I went back to sleep for another hour or so. The race is this Sunday and the forecast looks like poo. “Severe Thunderstorms” I wonder if they would cancel a marathon… does that ever happen? Weird. If they do, I want a refund.

Here’s my latest paleo venture: Crockpot Mexican Chicken over Cilantro Lime Rice. Crockpot recipes work really great for me since I don’t spend much time at home. Usually if I *do* cook, I end up staying up too late, which doensn’t work so well with my 4:30AM schedule.


But if I throw this together at lunch, turn it off after work, and then throw it on a plate after crossfit, then im good to go! Usually.

The rice for my mexican fiesta:


Bake it and then chop it:

All done. LOVE this rice! But I gotta be honest, cauliflower is starting to gross me out. I’ve singlehandedly eaten four heads of it over the past two weeks. 4 HEADS. Just saying. Ergh.

Finished product:


Last night I needed a [paleo] nugget happy meal complete with fries. So I made one:



Breakfast this morning:


Throw together omelette (spinach, mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, cherry tomatoes).

OK so this is gonna sound weird, but I feel like I’m not getting full at meals lately. Something isn’t right. I have to follow up half of the things I eat with a banana in order to feel satisfied. What the heck? Granted, this is week 3 of my paleo plunge. And I’ve cheated at least 6 times along the way (on weekends and sushi fridays-lol).

I’m sure my body is doing a lot of it’s own adjusting (internally, at least). And I’m also sure that I should be eating a lot more green things and less…. er…. cauliflower.

Here are my festivities/activities for the weekend:


  • 5:30 teach pump


  • 9:00 CrossFit team WOD
  • 10:30 Fitness Fest (teaching the new pump all by my lonesome. get excited)
  • 1:30 pick up race packet


  • 8:00 Race in the rain?!
  • 7:30 pm Kickball game

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