Chocolate Cookie Fail

I love lacrosse balls.

They hurt like a beyotch, but they’re really good about erasing the kinks in my muscles. (hips, back, feet, calves, shoulders, you name it!)

I’ve been craving some BBQ chicken.


I put it on a paleo bun and pretended I was at bikes blues and bbq.


It was actually really good and filling. I’ll be having it again tonight!

I also decided to make chocolate avocado cookies.



They look awesome. The batter was pretty tasty (yes, im gross, I totally tasted it and then I remember the raw egg was in there…. ohwell!) However… After I baked them, I thought they totally tasted like boredom. Hardly sweet at all. It was like eating an undersweetened piece of dense chocolate cake. I wanted to cover it in honey and THEN eat it.

I also wanted them to get crunchy, which absolutely did not happen. So now they’re sitting in a tupperware in my fridge. I ate a couple for breakfast this morning. It’s sad, really.

So here’s how you’re supposed to store your jumpie rope to make it last longer:


My cable is already molting, though. I’ll wait till it interferes with performance before I replace it.

CrossFit Update: little victories–

  • I taught someone ELSE how to do kipping pullups.
  • I snatched 85 lbs.
  • I did 8 handstand pushups.
  • I back squatted 175lbs and ALMOST got 185.
  • My hands are not currently ripped.
  • My tendon is healed enough for me to try double-unders. Which I did (It didn’t go well).
  • I overhead squatted 115lbs.

Samantha, one of the trainers who is SUPER sweet, made my day and posted on my fb wall: “Good job today and yesterday. You have made huge improvements. Can’t wait to see where you are a year from now:)”

Me neither! I hope I am a pullup queen who can snatch 130+lbs, do muscle ups and walk around on my hands. Just sayin’.

I recently finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy. I dreamed last night that I lived in Panem and was being bombed by the Capital. It was gory, people were losing body parts and everything. Eugh.


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