Partially paleo pesto pasta

First things first, this isn’t as pretty as I hoped it would be, but here is my pumpkin breakfast smoothie from Saturday morning:


It tasted like pumkin pie, only not as sweet. The protein powder that I mixed with it literally tastes like dirt by itself, so things made with it can only reach a certain level of deliciousness.

Is this a legit way to store opened cans of stuff?


Alright, enough of that.

Inspired by this recipe, I did a semi-paleo version of the same thing… honestly, I couldn’t find enough fresh basil. Therefore I decided to just buy a jar of the stuff. And since they all contain “cheese” (among other preservatives and whatnot), they’re not paleo. But I decided not to care.


Spaghetti squash… is that you?!?

It was pretty delicious. I couldn’t find pistachios, but I bought some sundried tomatoes to top it with. Not quite like regular pasta, but it’s close enough that i don’t care. I added some canned coconut milk to make it creamier. Excellent choice.

It’s kindof rare to find butterflies that arent monarch butterflies, so I had to snap some photo evidence.


I tried to get closer but it flew off. Amazing survival skills, dude.

Time to talk about my ridiculous weekend.

I spent pretty much all day Friday doing absolutely nothing. I watched a show on hulu and showered and went to bed early. For a Friday. I had gone to crossfit earlier that night and took a million years doing the WOD because I thought a “power clean” had a squat in it. It doesn’t. So it took me 3 minutes longer than anyone else to finish that stupid thing.

Then on Saturday I went to do the hero WOD “Brett Wood”. I made it halway through before my lower back COMPLETELY crapped out on me during the thrusters. I felt so defeated. I had to fight back tears. Yeah, I was in a lot of pain, but the worst part of all was not finishing the WOD. Not to mention the fact that it was a hero.

Everyone was really nice to me about it. I guess a lot of people have been there before and felt sympathetic. Of all the things to crap out, my back is not what I want to fight with. I spent most of the day yesterday browsing the web trying to find fixes. This video from MobilityWOD is my main plan of attatck right now since I don’t really know what else to do. I even brought an ice pack to work with me so I can numb my back a few times througout the day.

Tonight’s WOD is 5 rounds of 30 back squats and run 400m. Pretty much the worst possible workout I could think of for my back right now. I might go, but there is no way I am attempting that WOD. That would be stupid. I probably shouldn’t even go…

In happier news, I had a good time at Rick’s annual crossfit bonfire.


That is a cake.

The whole thing was edible–exept for the beer bottles. But the wood and the ice: totally edible. I didn’t eat it though. But seriously, who has ever seen a cake that looks like a bucket of ice? I thought it was extremely impressive.

It was a lot of fun being around people from crossfit in a social atmosphere. They were super nice and super fun. It honestly surprised me that they drank. I don’t know why, but I assumed all of them just sat around and counted out stalks of broccoli and cups of water and didn’t touch alcohol. I didn’t drink, though, because I was driving. I already drive pretty bad when I’m tired (which happens every time I ever go out), so drinking and driving for me is just super idiotic.


We played some game where you thrown bean bags at a board with a hole on it. They called it “cornhole”. I just googled…. it really *is* called that. Weird. Anyways, it was fun. I actually managed to win a game!

Strangely, everyone seemed a little overly concerned with the fact that I am single and live alone and whatnot. For some reason, they were all aware that I have an ex who joined the gym right after I did and everyone kept asking me if it was awkward. I guess people get nosy when they drink. No it isn’t awkward. That was like two years ago. But I still thought it was kinda weird they kept asking.

Last night I had dinner out with the fam.

Chirashi @ Meiji.


Raw salmon is my favorite.

P.S. I have been gettting HOARDS of spam texts lately. Ughhh.

2 thoughts on “Partially paleo pesto pasta

  1. jenniechris April 30, 2012 / 2:48 pm

    You should never feel bad about ROCKING. Remember not to compare yourself to the others–you are amazing! You kick so much butt. 🙂 I’m enjoying following your posts and seeing all the recipes, yum.

    • fabulousinfayetteville April 30, 2012 / 5:17 pm

      Aww thanks, Jenn! Injuries just suck, though. I know you can relate–you’ve fought through your share of setbacks, too. It’s just tough. I’ll make it 🙂

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