Turning 26

I guess I spent a lot of the long weekend catching up on sleep. Which I’m totally okay with.

I keep trying to enjoy “going out” to smoky bars with people while they’re drinking, but it just isn’t my cup of tea anymore. I have no desire to ingest alcohol lately. I just dance awkwardly to hillbilly music and sip my water. Then I go home and wash the secondhand smoke out of my hair and clothes. Joy. I guess I’ve officially outgrown it. I love me some rock concerts, but that’s about it. I have a “one beer max”. I’ll probably keep trying, but I’m pretty sure it’s a fail.

I went to see Dr. Bennington on Friday. It was spectacular. Since then, I’ve done 100’s of squats at a bunch of kettlebell swings and have had little/no back pain. I’m definitely okay with shouting from the mountaintops about how awesome that is! He works with lots of crossfit athletes, so I’m pretty sure he’s an expert on being able to diagnose and fix some whacked out issues that happen from those crazy WODs.

I forgot what this post was supposed to be about….

BIRTHDAY: Well, on Friday I got to take off work. Then that night we had dinner at James at the Mill.


I’m not quite ready for steak, so I ordered the duck. (I DO have beef on my menu this week though, so stay tuned!)


Some sort of chocolate cake thingy for dessert.


This was only the beginning of my sugar feast…

I’m going to be all chronological with my photos from the weekend 🙂

This photo is kindof embarassing because my face is ridiculous, but it’s the first photograph that’s ever been taken of MEEE while I’m crossfitting. It was a partner WOD with a bunch of squats, pullups, and presses. Was actually pretty fun. My partner, Kara, was great!

And I can plainly see how I managed to bruise my collarbone.


A family of geese greeted me on my birthday morning.

Then back to crossfit for the crawfish boil! Wheee! It was interesting. This was my first experience like this with crawfish.


Bud was there taking pictures. Super nice crossfit guy, my Dad is actually one of this clients.

They had a baggo tournament, but I left early to go to my lake party.


Mom got me this awesome cake! Unfortunately, it fell over in the box…


I brought it with me in the boat and ate a bunch of it anyways. My allergies hate me now.


I had invited a bazillion facebook friends, but 5 showed up. I guess it was a busy Saturday. The water was PERFECT. And it would have been the ultimate trip, but my hand got ripped doing pullups that morning, and got worse with the ski handle… so now I just have a big hole where my callus used to be. Super annoying.


My camera didn’t do the moon justice.

I was gonna hit the town, but sleep sounded like a better idea, so I did that instead. I strained my neck when I whiplashed it from one of my wakeboard crashes, so it was for the best.


I spent the remainder of the weekend crossfitting (scored a 113 (12.7?) on the “beep test“!) , losing at kickball, and babysitting dogs.

And I have a gigantic blood blister on my ball. My foot. My football. The ball of my foot. lol


3 thoughts on “Turning 26

  1. dreamydreamerofdreams May 8, 2012 / 12:10 am

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to your water adventure, my love 😉 We’ll have to go out sometime soon to celebrate! You, me and Jen maybe?

  2. polkadotrunner May 8, 2012 / 12:12 am

    WEIRD! That last comment posted under my old old old wordpress blog that I don’t used anymore!

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