Plantain & Mango Beef

I can’t stop crossing my legs at work!!! It is seriously taking every fiber of my being to train myself to have better sitting posture. But I’ve GOT to do something if I want to be able to keep my back from crapping out at crossfit, and this is step 1. So there.

Oh, Juli at PaleOMG, thanks again for a fantabulous recipe. Plantain and Mango Beef. Yes, kids. I said BEEF. Ground beef was a pretty big deal, but this is legit STEAK. A bigtime milestone for me! I’ve never cooked it in my life, and I haven’t eaten it since, like, 11th grade or so. Which is clearly about a decade ago.

So here I am frying up my plantains in coconut oil.


The directions specifically stated not to burn them, so I did.

Lots of firsts going on this time: I’ve never put fruit in a skillet until now.20120508-141654.jpg

There was a huge piece of fat that I had to throw away, but otherwise it was totally all edible! I’m so proud…

Finished product:


I just stuck random burnt plantains in there. They actually didn’t taste as burnt as they looked. I learned once that “burnt” isn’t a word. It’s redneck for “burned”. But I don’t care. It’s burnt 🙂

That kitty came back to see me. I keep feeding it her tuna. I decided it’s a she. I think i’ll name her Wanda.


Let’s chat about crossfit.

I’ve totally been following the regionals a little bit (just the girls, not the boys obv). I’m majorly impressed by what those chicks are capable of! I want to be able to do that one day.

Crossfit is very physical. I’m pretty much questioning whether or not I’m going to puke at every single workout. BUT it’s also more mental than I ever thought. Yeah, it’s pretty discouraging when you try something and can’t do it at all. Part of my brain goes “oh, you can’t do hand stand pushups/pullups/ring dips/etc. You’ll just have to scale that forever.”  But  then I get all pissed off about scaling things, and the other part of my brains says “Shut up!!! You came here to work out, right?! Stop sucking your thumb and KEEP TRYING!”

Every time I do something, I get just a little bit better at it. No, it doesn’t get easier.

But I get stronger.



It’s awesome…

Don’t eat that.


Aw, too late.

It’s a Bliss cupcake from their new “uptown” location which is dangerously close to where I live and work.

Crack & I went to lunch together today. He took his Tahoe into “sardine mode”. It was cool 🙂


BTW, I had to force myself to uncross my legs at least 7 times while writing this.


3 thoughts on “Plantain & Mango Beef

  1. ilovefetacheese May 8, 2012 / 8:28 pm

    that plantain dish looks amazeballz.

    • fabulousinfayetteville May 8, 2012 / 8:54 pm

      I wish my food was more photoghenic 🙂 but, YEAH! it was tasty! I love sweet/savory stuff like that.

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