Snap Crackle Pop!

I felt like that was a good title since I just had the heck popped out of my neck and back.

Here’s the necklace that Brandy got me for my birthday:


I freaking LOVE it! I have been eyeing stuff on fashletics for a while, I just didn’t buy anything yet because I never had a good enough excuse 😛 . Pretty sure that I’m gonna wear it every day.

FOOD TIME! –It’s Cinnamon Chipotle Sliders!

Pretty easy, actually. You just make beef patties with lots of spices in them…


…and try not to burn the heck out of yourself while grease pops all over the place.


Then you top it with magical onion mushroom toppings!

Finished product via instagram:

It only lasted me for two meals because I eat a lot. But that’s okay.

As usual, I’m dying to talk about crossfit and my back and all that kind of stuff. So here we go! We had this crazy workout on Wednesday that involved 125lbs squats any way (from the FLOOR) and pull ups.



5 Squats any way

15 Pullups




I was kinda running late so I just threw the A-weight on my bar and decided that it was doable (even though my previous power clean max was 115). I just hoped that some magical force would help me hoist that stupid bar onto my back and get me through. It didn’t. On the second round I attempted at least 4 times to power clean the bar, but I finally gave up and went to go get myself a set of 5lb plates to take my bar to 105, Trevor was like : nooooope!

Then he said I wasn’t doing it fast enough. Pop it hard and then recieve it on your shoulder/neck/clavicle? whatever area. So then he watched me and I got it on the first try. The rest of the workout wasn’t that easy–but I managed to finish it. The next class got to hear about how mad I got and how I got to learn how to get under the bar better, lol! So at least I’m doing something right!

20120511-084923.jpgHere’s my RockTape!

My back is just getting better and better–it’s epic. Go find a practitioner who does ART, NOW!!!

The next day, the workout involved power cleans with a much lighter weight: 95lbs. I was able to really imrpove my form during that workout. It was a hero WOD called “the chief”.

‘The Chief’


3 min AMRP

3 Power Cleans

6 Pushups

9 Air Squats

Rest 1 Min

Score Total Rounds

I got 18 +9 reps. Not horrible–I did ALL of the pushups without letting my hips touch the ground–although I’m pretty sure my nose was hitting the ground. Yuk.

5 thoughts on “Snap Crackle Pop!

  1. robfiasco May 11, 2012 / 6:07 pm

    looks tasty!! what’s your IG name?

  2. ilovefetacheese May 14, 2012 / 2:07 am

    love your outfit with the tape! the all sports bra is my all time favorite, i have like 8 of them. Your power clean is so strong! My PR is 100…need to work on that. wish we could WOD together!

    • fabulousinfayetteville May 15, 2012 / 6:35 pm

      We do! I love WODing with new people. Is WODing a word? 😉

      Once I improved my technique, I was able to increase the weight quite a bit! Also, I weigh a LOT so i’m able to lift a lot more than the average girl at my gym because i’m just bigger. Unfortunately this also naturally makes me a whole lot worse at things like pullups and ring dips, ha!

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