BBQ Turkey Burgers

I’m still recovering from last weekend in Tulsa–that is no lie. The latest I’ve been able to “sleep in” since then is 5:30AM. It hurts.

Turkey Burgers:

I just made the patties and ate em with broccoli.


I was much too lazy to do the onions and the BBQ sauce.

I also made THIS recipe, but it had WAY too much coconut flour in it and it was hard to choke down. Blegh. Sadface. it wasn’t even pretty enough to me to take a picture. I plan on trying it again but adding my own twist. 🙂

My apartment is a wreck, so I figured I would use any extra energy I had after cooking to clean itt up. ….So I watched hulu instead.


Anywho, my box is going to Regionals this weekend! So today some shirts came in–so I got one!

Laugh, Love, Lift Heavy!

For some reason, it also has a graphic for my love handle:


Speaking of love handles: check out my new rocktape application:


Yesterday we did some WOD called “Eva”. I ripped both of my hands because I’m stupid and I suck at pullups. I pretty much cried when I washed my hands after that. I was even wearing grips when it happened. Then I went home to have a sweet potato via microwave… I was preparing it with a fork when I stabbed the ABSOLUTE CRAP  out of my thumb. The fork went up under my thumbnail and gouged it so that blood got all crusted up under my nail, and now I have this really cool purple thing going on. I ate the potato anyway.

So back to Eva.

I did surprising well at the kettlebell swings and the running, of course, came naturally. But the pullups ate my lunch. And stole my lunch money for the next two weeks.

I really want to get better at pullups and dips and handstand pushups. Gosh I hate them all! I thought I was getting a lot better at pullups, but I had to use the blue band for Eva. It was really sad. Eva is a smelly pirate hooker.

I still see Wanda from time to time.


Hardest part of the week is over, hang in there!

6 thoughts on “BBQ Turkey Burgers

  1. robfiasco May 17, 2012 / 6:19 pm

    how’d the rocktape work out for ya? can I just go ahead put that on my entire body? if I wrap my head in it, will it make me smarter? i’ll have to google that….

  2. jenniechris May 17, 2012 / 8:23 pm

    Ha! “smelly pirate hooker.” LOL. That cracks me up! The shirt is super cute. 🙂

    • fabulousinfayetteville May 17, 2012 / 9:09 pm

      Yes!!! apparently pirate hookers enjoy destroying hands. And causing massive arm soreness.

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