Zucchinis & Stuff

Hahahaha! I couldn’t NOT post that. Glad someone created it 🙂

No, seriously though. I’ve been single for EXACTLY two years today. Happy anniversary to me!

So, Zucchini Fritters/pancakes/whatevers! Way yummier than they sound, I promise. Check out how easy they are to make:

  • Step 1- Shred 2-3 smallish zucchinis in a food processor (I did three because they were SUPER little)
  • Step 2- Whisk together three eggs, a tablespoon of coconut flour and some salt n peppa
  • Step 3- Stir it all up, cook it in a skillet like pancakes.
  • Step4- Feed yo face.
See Christina’s rendition of this recipe if you’re looking for some actual photogenic food 😉


I also decided to marinate some chicken with lemon, olive oil, garlic, and rosemary. It was kindof boring looking, but it actually came out tasting pretty good.


I use way too much coconut oil most of the time.

Hey! It’s day 4 of the 21-day detox! How’s that going? Well, thanks for asking. I almost died yesterday.

I woke up feeling fine. I met the girls for a 5-mile run at 5:15AM. It was nice and cool and it made me realise that I really miss running. I’m excited to ease back in to that routine, but I’ve got to be careful not to start off with more than I should. ANYWWAYS, after that I ate my eggs and guacamole and a chicken sausage and headed off to work. Then within about an hour I started to get blury vision, headaches, and shakiness. It SUCKED. I ate a packet of almonds and it didn’t help at all.

Then I went home and ate the leftovers from my spaghetti squash meatball bites. I felt physically full, but I still felt like dookie. I went back to work and stared at my computer while my body continued to beg me for a sugar fix. It was a nightmare. I didn’t get anything done.

I got off at 5 and had a green apple on my way to crossfit. It didn’t help a whole lot, but I managed to have a semi-decent workout. Then I went home and ate a sweet potato with my chicken and salad, and I’ve felt “normal” ever since. Thank GOD for sweet potatoes! My body was NOT havin’ it. The day before that was supposed to be a “rest day” but I taught pump twice.  Then ran the next day… So instead of one crossfit per day, i’m doing all these two-a-days and then expecting my body to wean istelf off of sugar. It’s really kindof stupid, actually. I need to be better about following the “athlete” modifications of the detox, which allows one cup of sweet potato or butternut squash per workout. I’ll learn. 17 days to go!

(I’m mostly excited because I can’t wait to go get some strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, and blackberries. Cuz all of that is in season right now and I’m missing out!!!)


2 thoughts on “Zucchinis & Stuff

  1. robfiasco May 24, 2012 / 3:47 pm

    congrats on your anniversary!!! 🙂

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