Best Weekend Ever?

First and foremost, I met DALLAS FRIDAY!!!


I totally missed out on getting to have her sign anything. She offered to give me the thing that they have to wear over their lifejacket that has all the sponsors on it. I totally can’t think of what it’s called, but I didn’t beleive her so I didn’t take it. I was way too star-struck to be rational. I literally went right up to her and said, “Hi, can I meet you?” lol Ridiculousness. I asked her what it was like to ride now that she’s had to recover from her season-ending injury that kept her out of competition for a whole year. She said “you can’t think that way. I was on the top before, and I’m going to be on the top again and push harder and get way beyond where I was before.”  She also asked me if I ride because I “look fit”. And instead of telling her about my lifelong love for wakeboarding I just went “yep”. I also forgot to tell her about my struggle with injury from having stitches in my head. I think she still enjoyed talking to me though. Maybe. lol

So let’s rewind and see how I met her. I found out from Dewayne that the King of Wake Tour. So I grabbed Zach and went! Wheee!!!


 Somehow we managed not to get totally sunburned to death.


The gravel/sand/fire kinda sucked to walk on, but the water was nice and cool so we went and stood in it to watch. I was super cool because I had on white shorts and a giant roller came off of the tournament boat and crashed into my crotch. I looked super stylish after that.


Did I mention that I met Dallas Friday!?!?


Just checking. I want to emphasize the epicness of this… totally had posters of her in my room when I was 15.


Branson is so hokey.

I spent the rest of my weekend crossfitting, wakeboarding, and sleeping. Life is good.

Did a team WOD with Bud.

Met up with a super fun girl from crossfit {Jessica}, and got to ride behind a Mastercraft X Star. Now THAT was epic.

Not enough food in this post!

Here is some food I ate while out and about on the sugar detox:


Pesto shrimp appetizer with fresh mozzarella.


Joes crab shack: Dungeness crab with two sides of broccoli and carrots.


Speidini: grilled chicken speidini with a side of creamed spinach.


Texas Land & Cattle: Filet with onions and mushrooms.

Here’s how you eat IN on the sugar detox;)


Dinner with Jenn and her husband Lance–greens and veggies from their garden (tomatoes to DIE for), grilled chicken wings, my cauliflower mashed potatoes.


And my detox-friendly chocolate mousse for dessert (I posted it a while back).


PaleOMG’s Jambalaya. I went over to my sister’s house and helped her make that. It was pretty awesome.


I think I’ll make it in my own sometime soon.

Sorry all these pics are so small. I updated my wordpess app and it makes all the pics 300×300… which I thought would be big enough but they’re super tiny. So no… not big enough. Ohwell. Next time I’ll use “large” size pics.

Something magical happened to my foot. Let me try to preface this by saying that I am a very low maintenance person. I have really good hygeiene in general. I wash my sheets, I floss, etc. But I don’t really try to make my feet look pretty because I am too busy abusing them. So, I’m guessing this is the aftermath of running the Little Rock Marathon back in March. My toenail has been kinda danging on the middle toe of my right foot for a couple of weeks, but I hadn’t noticed. Last night while I was wakeboarding, it kinda popped off—completely painlessly! And there was already a new toenail underneath it that is fully functional and at least 3/4 of the way grown in. WIN!



I made a wish and threw it in the lake. Hope it comes true!!!

Oh and today the sugar detox is OVER!!!! This was my breakfast:


Ok, so I polished off the raspberries, and am rationing everything else.

You need to download the app “I’d cap that”. It’s epic.


It’s especially purposeful if you have a super immature side. Best shared with equally immature friends 🙂

I can’t categorize this entry at all.


3 thoughts on “Best Weekend Ever?

    • fabulousinfayetteville June 11, 2012 / 12:49 pm

      google “Dallas Friday”, she is the most epic woman wakeboarder of all time, has an ESPY award, and suffered a serious injuiry in 2010 and is just now getting back into the competition. She’s my hero!

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